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Year 6 Leaver's Concert - PREXIT!

As with the Year 2 concert this week, I have been overwhelmed with the success of the Year 6 leavers concert (which was greatly supported by our year 5 children with the singing).


PREXIT showcased the exit of primary school and the debate that children often have with themselves in regards to their views of leaving school and moving on to secondary. 


There were many songs, narrations and speaking parts, which showed the journey of primary school over the 7 years at Greasley Beauvale.


Some of the highlights that were covered and shared:


 - Value of TAs

 - Business of the school day

 - After school clubs

 - School maintenance

 - NITS!!! :)

 - Teachers battling for the hall time 

 - and fairs and PTA events (even though we need a PTA!) :) 


The children and staff did a fabulous job, and I know that there were a few tears (from children, staff and parents) and true memories shared.


A huge thank you to the year 5 children and their support with the singing. They have it all to look forward to next year.


The only thing left to celebrate tomorrow is the singing choir....just two school days left! 


Mrs Bates :)