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Year 6


 YEAR 6!

Spring 1 2024

Here is what we are planning in the Spring Term. As we progress into the term more information will be given through our weekly Weduc posts.


  • Maths - Ratio- Algebra- Decimals- Fractions, decimals and percentages - Area, perimeter and volume- Statistics.
  • English - We will be studying the book , 'Suffragette - The Battle for Equality' - David Roberts. This will support us when we go to the Galleries of Justice during the term for our school visit




  • Science - All living things and their habitats
  • History - Crime and punishment
  • Geography - Learning about time zones
  • RE - Jewish life in Europe prior to the holocaust
  • French - Grammar



Homework and spelling will continue as usual throughout this term. 


Mrs Parnell and Miss Marvin