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Year 6


 YEAR 6!

enlightened Autumn Term enlightened


Our learning this half term will be focused around the following enquiry question:

Should the punishment fit the crime?


Alongside this we will be exploring the following key concepts:

Justice, Compassion, Choice, Reform, Judgement and Freedom.




Our key texts that we will be exploring are 'Holes' by Louis Sachar, and 'The Highwayman' poem by Alfred Noyes. We will be using these as both a reading and writing stimulus, and throughout the term, we will be producing a variety of pieces of writing, as well as analysing the themes running through them, including the key concepts above. If you have a copy of either of these at home it would be useful for your child to bring it into school with them smiley


Image result for holes book        Image result for the highwayman



We will cover the following areas in maths throughout the Autumn Term:

  • Place Value
  • Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  • Fractions


Within these areas, we will also be developing our problem solving and reasoning skills, and will be applying different strategies to arithmetic questions, as well as SATs style multi-step word problems.


We will be continuing to use Times Table Rockstars to further develop children fluency with times tables. Last year we saw some FANTASTIC progress being made with children's confidence, fluency and speed when recalling their times tables, and believe TTRS played a HUGE part in this. In school, we will be dedicating some time each week to using TTRockstars and would urge all of Year 6 to access TTRS at home to further develop their skills laugh


Image result for ttrockstars



Our first Science unit in the Autumn Term will be LIGHT - below are the objectives that we will cover with this unit of work:

  • Recognise that light travels in straight lines
  • Describe how light enable us to see
  • Understand reflection as light bouncing off a surface
  • Identify some effects of refraction
  • Identify the visible spectrum
  • Explore colours using light
  • Recognise that Isaac Newton discovered information about light and colour
  • Explain that objects block light to form shadows




Our history focus throughout the Autumn term will be around the theme of Crime and Punishment from 1066 to present day. All our learning will centre around our enquiry question, Should the punishment fit the crime?


We will be looking at how courts and the Rule of Law has developed over time, mapping key figures and their crimes on a timeline, whist analysing the effectiveness of a range of primary and secondary sources. We will also examine and describe the beliefs, behaviour and characteristics of people from the past, and how these differ from the people of today.


Image result for crime and punishment ks2




We will focus our learning on teaching wisdom and authority, and will be thinking about how and why do people work for justice and freedom. Our learning will cover the following objectives:


  • Explore what is meant by unfairness
  • Explore what Jesus taught about justice
  • Research people who work for justice and freedom
  • Consider whether or not the world’s wealth is shared fairly
  • Explore religious freedom
  • Explore which organisations work for freedom and justice
  • Reflect on unfairness within the world




In our weekly PSHE lessons, we will consider the following questions, such as those listed below, which are linked to our key concepts for the term.


  • ReformWhy did schools stop using the cane?
  • JudgementWho has the right to judge you?
  • Choice - How do our choices affect the freedom of others?
  • OppressionDoes being under pressure always make you stronger?
  • Rights Should we all have the same rights?




We will have two PE sessions each week - one indoor, one outdoor. One of our sessions will be led by Coach Louise. 

Further information as to what we will be covering will come throughout the next week.

Please ensure your child has an appropriate indoor and outdoor PE kit - children can take their PE kit home half termly to be washed, ready for the next half term.




Our Computing lessons will cover spreadsheets this half term, and we will entering data and formulae into a spreadsheet, ordering and presenting data based on calculations, using a speadsheet to solve problems, and our sessions will culminate with us designing a spreadsheet for a specific purpose.