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Year 1


 YEAR 1!

Autumn 2 - How do past events influence our future? 


This half term we will be continuing to explore our enquiry question. We started the year looking at the children as babies. We learnt all about how to look after a baby and how we have changed since we were babies. As we move through the topic we have now started to look at other important events in life such as birthday's and weddings. The children really enjoyed throwing a birthday party for Hubert the bear and this half term will hopefully enjoy a pretend wedding! 


Throughout the half term we will continue to explore our key concepts:

  • love
  • belonging
  • tradition
  • identity
  • value 
  • change


An opportunity to dive deeper in to these concepts will be created with Interfaith week. In this week we will be learning about Christianity and Judaism, including their similarities and differences. We will be discovering answers to key questions such as, How do Christians and Jews worship? What artefacts can be seen in each religion? How do places of worship differ? What traditions do these religions have? 


In English we are focusing on a new story called 'Grace and Family' the sequel to 'Amazing Grace'. In the story the children will learn about a young girl living with two families, one in England and one in Africa. The story explores ideologies of families seen in story books and how these can often differ from real families. Grace goes on a journey of self-exploration as she comes to happy terms with the fact 'family is what you make it'. 


In maths, we will be looking at 2D and 3D shapes and beginning to work on place value from 11-20.


This half term the school will also have an assessment week. Although Year 1's do not take our assessment tests until the summer term, we feel it is important for them to get a feel for a test paper. 

This will take place W.C 18.11.19