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Year 1


 YEAR 1!

Welcome back. We can't wait to see you all ready and raring to go in Year 1.

All children start school at the same time from the start of the new term. Our classroom doors will be open from 8:45am. The school day will finish for everyone at 3:15pm




Around the UK


This is the focus we will be exploring throughout the Explore term. The Explore term focusses on Geography. Our Geography topic for this half term will focus on the UK, including the seas surrounding it, the countries within it and the capitals of those countries. We will also be exploring directional language and using our own Post Codes to send a letter!

Geography Knowledge Organiser

History Knowledge Organiser

What does change look like?


This is the enquiry question we will be exploring throughout the first part of our Discover term. The Discover term focusses on history. Our history topic for the first part of the autumn term is Local History and we will be finding out what has changed in Eastwood since 1750. For the second part of the autumn term we will learn about Old toys and what school was like in the past.

History Knowledge Organiser