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Welcome to Reception

Spring 2 Term

This term our topic focus is adventures! 

  1. The Gruffalo - we will be focusing on this classic book and exploring character descriptions.
  2. Zog – We will be investigating dragons and talking about the differences between our school and Zog's.
  3. The planet full of plastic (Science week) – We will be learning all about pollution and making some plan pots using recyclable materials.
  4. The Snagglegrollop – we will be imagining and drawing our own monsters!
  5. There's a monster in my book – we will be designing and creating our monsters.
  6. Star in a jar – we will learn about space and go exploring for our own treasure! 


Spring 1 Term

This term our topic focus is (mostly) transport and occupations. Each week we will have a different focus book:

  1. Naughty bus – we will think about the toys we got for Christmas and we will go on a pretend bus journey.
  2. The train ride – we will pretend to go on our own train journey and talk about what we can see.
  3. Chinese New Year – we are going on a trip to Erewash Museum to learn about the celebration.
  4. Duck in the truck – we will explore rhyming pairs.
  5. If I built a car – we will be designing and building our own junk model cars and talking about the features of them.
  6. Mrs Armitage on wheels – we will be thinking about different situations and how to resolve them by adding things to a bicycle.


Autumn 2 Term

This term we are going to start the first week with the festival of Diwali and learn about all of the customs and traditions that people follow for this celebration! We will learn about the story of Rama and Sita and use our knowledge of this to role play as some of the characters from the story. We will follow instructions to create and decorate our own Diya lamps.


This term we are going to link our 'book and buttie' morning with our topic and have a teddy bears picnic!


After the first week our topic will (mostly) be 'bears' and each week we will have a different focus book:

1. We're going on a bear hunt - we will be recreating the story in our own class books.

2. World nursery rhyme week - this is a week where we will be focusing on the 5 nursery rhymes that have been chosen for this year. These are: Baa baa black sheep, down in the jungle, incy wincy spider, row your boat, two little dickie birds and we will be doing lots of activities to practise these.

3. Goldilocks and the three bears - We will be looking at different sizes and thinking about morals. We will also be making and tasting porridge!

4. Whatever next - we will be practising our role play skills and looking at space. We will also be thinking about what food we would take to the moon for a picnic.

After this we will be practising for our Christmas performance and doing some Christmas related activities.


Autumn 1 Term

We will start the term by getting to know our new friends and teachers by playing together - this will also help us get to know our classroom and how to play safely with others. We will also be learning the routines that we will follow daily, like where to put our water bottles and doing the register, and practise these lots.


Our first topic of the term will be 'this is me' where we will be learning all about ourselves and our families and exploring through play. We will also be thinking about what makes us special and unique and celebrating this. We will learn more about our likes and dislikes including our favourite things.