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Welcome to Reception

Welcome to Reception!

The Reception team are looking forward to meeting you all and for you to start your school journey with us. During the first days of the term we will be having a transition period to help you settle into your new school and classrooms as easily as possible.

02.09.20 - Individual 10 minute meetings with your new class teacher

03.09.20 - A 1 hour stay and play session

04.09.20 - A 2 1/2 hour stay and play session

07.09.20 - A full morning at school (without dinnertime)

08.09.20 - A full morning at school (including dinnertime)

09.09.20 - First full day at school

During these times we will be learning all about the routines at school and familiarising yourself with your new classroom and teachers/teaching assistants.


Our days will begin at 9:10am and end at 3:30pm.

Please aim to arrive on time, rather than early, and try to leave the school grounds as quickly as you can at the end of the day. This will help to prevent you coming into contact with too many other children and families from other year group bubbles.

Autumn 1 learning

Here We Are

For the first couple of weeks, the whole school is going to use this wonderful story by Oliver Jeffers to get used to be being back in school.

What makes me super?

This term our topic will be 'All about me' and our big question is 'What makes me super?' Our learning for this topic will focus on you, your family, friends, your community and where you live, your feelings, differences between yourself and others. We will also be exploring the season of Autumn.