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Year 5


 YEAR 5!

Parent and Carer Welcome Presentation

The classroom doors will open at 8:45 and children can begin making their way in. The school day begins at 8:50. The classroom doors will close at 8:55. Anyone arriving after this time will need to enter through the school office at main reception. The school day ends at 3:15.  



Welcome to the Create Term!


This is the term in which our learning focuses on art, design and technology, and music. We will focus on art and music in Summer 1. We will be covering the following content in our art lessons:


- to research and replicate the style of an artist

- to understand how mood is represented through different mediums of art

- to experiment with shading to create mood and feeling

- to know how to create an accurate print design following given criteria

- to create hues and tones using paint

- to plan and create three pieces of art using different mediums and skills, inspired by the emotions from a chosen piece of music

Find our Art Knowledge Organiser below smiley

Create Knowledge Organiser