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Year 5


 YEAR 5!

Welcome back everyone! 


In Year 5, our day will begin at 8:45am and end at 3:05pm.


Please don't arrive early and try to leave the school grounds as quickly as you can at the end of the day to prevent you coming into contact with too many children and families from other year groups.



Are Great Leaders Born or Made?


Our enquiry question for this term is Are Great Leaders Born or made? This term will be our Discover Term, and we will focus on History and in particular Ancient Egypt as a vehicle to explore the enquiry question.


Below you will find our Project Place Mat that we will use throughout lessons this term.






During our English lessons we are beginning by studying effective Non - Chronological report writing. This will be based around Ancient Egypt. Some of the homework for this half term considers writing a story from a character's point of view who lived in Ancient Egyptian times. We will also focus on the novel Varjak Paw as a block on narrative writing and will end the term with a poetry unit.


As usual in English, we will also work on grammar and spelling work too. This half term will include accurate use of parenthesis, expanded noun phrases and tenses.



These are the topics we will study this half term:



In Spring 1 our topic is Forces. The lessons will focus on:

  • identifying forces as pushes or pulls
  • explaining gravity
  • Isaac Newton's discovery
  • explaining effects of friction including air and water resistance 
  • identifying different mechanisms


In Spring 2 the topic is Earth and Space. The lessons will focus on:

  • naming planets
  • explaining how night and day occurs
  • making predictions about night and day 
  • explain how the Moon orbits the earth




We will be completing a dance unit in Spring 1 and our Real PE lessons will be focussing on social skills of negotiating and collaborating while learning to listen to and give and receive feedback.


In Spring 2 will be having a basketball coach in to learn this exciting game.




We will look at Online Safety in Spring 1 followed by spreadsheets in Spring 2.



In RE we will look at Inspirational Figures and focus on the qualities of these people.



French will be later on during the Spring Term and will look at 'The Family'.