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Year 5


 YEAR 5!

Welcome to Year 5 and also to a brand new school year!


School is very nearly ready to welcome back the children next Tuesday and we look forward to catching up with them and also you as the new term and school year begins. For the Autumn term our focus is a history based topic on Ancient Egypt with the question 'Are great Leaders Born or Made?' as a stimulus. If any of you have any expertise that you would be willing to share in this area please let us know.


We will be using the book Varjak Paw written by J F Said in English and Reading and also in some Art Work too. For the first three weeks in Maths we are studying numbers to a million -  rounding , reading and writing them. We then move onto addition and subtraction for a couple of weeks and finish the half term with statistics. All of the topics will include reasoning and problem solving activities.


See you very soon!

Mrs Parnell and Mr Khan (The Year 5 Team)