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Year 4


 YEAR 4!

Welcome to Y4 presentation

The quickest and easiest way to get hold of us is via Class Dojo. If you need to contact us more urgently, please either ring the school office or use the email


We ask that you please ensure you have your notifications enabled on Class Dojo as we regularly communicate information either through direct messages or on the class story. We upload a class story once a week (usually on a Friday) to keep you updated on our learning in the classroom. 

Our day will begin at 8:50am and end at 3:10pm.


Please don't arrive early and try to leave the school grounds as quickly as you can at the end of the day to prevent you coming into contact with too many children and families from other year groups.


You don't need to bring a PE kit into school when you come back. Read here to find out why! Please come to school in your school uniform the on Wednesday 2nd September.



Is it better to fit in or stand out?


This is the enquiry question we will be exploring throughout our create term. The create term focuses on the creative subjects: art, D&T and music.


For the first two weeks, we (and the rest of the school) will be studying the book Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers in our English lessons.



We will then be moving on to using The Whale Rider by Witi Ihimaera and The Borrowers by Mary Norton. 



We will begin with place value covering the following: 

before moving onto addition and subtraction:



Our science topic for the first half term is electricity. We will be exploring the following questions:

What is static electricity?

What are the parts of an electrical circuit?

How can we build basic circuits?

What are electrical insulators and conductors?

What happens in a circuit when we change components?

How much do we rely on electricity?



TB Sports will take one of the P.E sessions each week and the other P.E session will be taught by an external basketball coach. By the end of the half term we hope that 


 can persevere with a task and improve my performance through regular practice;

cope well and react positively when things become difficult;


have begun to challenge myself;

know where I am with my learning;


try several times if at first I don’t succeed;

ask for help when appropriate. 



The artist we will be focusing on is Yayoi Kusama; she has met and inspired important artists including Andy Warhol and her art has been part of exciting art developments such as pop art. For the first half term, we will be exploring the use of facial expression in the style of Yayoi Kusama. 



Our computing lessons will focus on coding for the first half term. We will be using the Chromebooks in our computing lessons, so the first lesson will be focused on using these and exploring their features. 



For the first half term, our French topic is Presenting Myself. By the end of this you should be confident with your numbers 1-20 and be able to tell someone your name, age, where you live and your nationality in French. You should also be able to ask someone their name, age, where they live and nationality too. 



Our topic for the first half term is Think Positive. In this we will be exploring how our attitude can positively and negatively impact on our mental health, learning how to recognise and manage positive and negative thoughts, thinking about change and learning to use mindfulness techniques. 



The religion that we focus on in Year 4 is Hinduism. Our topic for the term is The Journey of Life and Death. We will learn who founded Hinduism, Hindu's main beliefs, Hindu symbols, Hindu births, weddings, funerals and Hindu beliefs about the cycle of rebirth and the effect of Karma.