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Year 4


 YEAR 4!

Welcome to Y4 presentation

The quickest and easiest way to get hold of us is via Class Dojo. If you need to contact us more urgently, please either ring the school office or use the email


We ask that you please ensure you have your notifications enabled on Class Dojo as we regularly communicate information either through direct messages or on the class story. We upload a class story once a week (usually on a Friday) to keep you updated on our learning in the classroom. 

Our day will begin at 8:50am and end at 3:10pm.


Please don't arrive early and try to leave the school grounds as quickly as you can at the end of the day to prevent you coming into contact with too many children and families from other year groups.


You don't need to bring a PE kit into school when you come back. Read here to find out why! 



Is it better to fit in or stand out?


This is the enquiry question we will be exploring throughout our create term. The create term focuses on the creative subjects: art, D&T and music.






To begin, we will be studying a collection of poems called Dancing in the Rain, written by John Lyons.

We will then be moving on to studying The Borrowers.



We will begin with finishing off the addition and subtraction block, covering the following: 

before moving onto length and perimeter:

and multiplication and division:



Our science topic for the second half term is states of matter. We will be exploring the following questions:

What are the properties of solids, liquids and gases?

How do particles behave inside of solids, liquids and gases?

What happens when you heat or cool each state of matter?

What are changes of state and why do they happen?

How can we measure the melting points and boiling points of a substance?

Which substances do not fit into one state of matter?



Coach Louise (from TB Sports) will take one of the P.E sessions each week and the other P.E session will be taught by Miss Martin and Mrs Clarke.

By the end of the half term we hope that 


can cooperate with others and give helpful feedback;

can help organise roles and responsibilities and can guide a small group through a task.


are happy to show and tell others about their ideas;

show patience and support others listening carefully to them about their work.


can help, praise and encourage others in their learning.



We will be looking at the work of Henri Matisse and creating our own piece of art inspired by his work.

His art focuses on shapes, animals and plants which are created through cutting and tearing paper.

We will be using felt to create our design, then, towards the end of the term, we will learn how to sew by sewing our felt design onto a drawstring bag!



Our computing lessons will continue to focus on coding before moving onto online safety. We will continue to use the Chromebooks and Purple Mash in our computing lessons. 



In autumn 2, our French topic is Family. By the end of this unit the children should be able to 

continue applying the knowledge, skills and understanding of the language covered in unit one;

say the nouns in French for members of their family;

tell somebody in French the members and age of a fictitious, historical or television family as a model to present and practise family vocabulary;

continue to count, reaching 100, to enable students to say the age of various family members; 

understand the concept of mon, ma and mes in French.



Our topic for autumn 2 is VIPs. In this we will look at friendships, how friendships are formed and maintained, and the qualities of a good friend. The lessons will then move on to disputes and bullying and will address strategies for coping with each of these.



The religion that we focus on in Year 4 is Hinduism. Our topic for the term is The Journey of Life and Death. We will learn who founded Hinduism, Hindu's main beliefs, Hindu symbols, Hindu births, weddings, funerals and Hindu beliefs about the cycle of rebirth and the effect of Karma.