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Year 2


 YEAR 2!

During the Spring term the whole school are completing the Discover Term based on history.

In Year 2 there is a focus on key events during the 17th Century such as The Great Fire of London and The Great Plague. The learning across the subjects will be guided by an enquiry question. The question for Year 2 this term is:

How have lives changed over time?


Project Placemat - Discover

Welcome Presentation - Year 2

Welcome back and Welcome to Year 2!

The Year 2 team are looking forward to seeing you all and getting started with the Autumn Term. 

We will spend time at the start of the year learning all about the Year 2 routines, thinking about the learning ahead, finding our way around the classroom and its resources, as well as getting to know each other.


Our days will begin at 9:00am and end at 3:20pm.

Please aim to arrive on time, rather than early, and try to leave the school grounds as quickly as you can at the end of the day. This will  help to prevent you coming into contact with too many other children and families from other year group bubbles.


Please come to school in your school uniform on Wednesday 2nd September. You don't need to bring a PE kit into school when you come back. Read here to find out more. Simply pack a water bottle and a smile and you'll be all set for a great start to Year 2!


Kind Regards,

Mrs Clarke, Miss Brown, Miss Atamaniuk

Mrs Elston, Miss Hardy and Miss Timson