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Year 2


 YEAR 2!

Welcome to Year 2 Presentation

Summer 1 - Fantasy Lands

Spring 2 - Brazil


This half term we are continuing with our Geography objectives and now focussing our learning around Brazil.

We will be learning about: 

- The location of Brazil in the world using key vocab such as next to, above and below. 

- Human and physical features of Brazil.

- The differences between a city (Sao Paulo) and a village (Horto)

- Many physical features such as rainforests, mountains, valleys and rivers.


We are really excited to start this term. Please see below the Knowledge Organiser to share with your children at home and in school. 


Spring 1 - Continents

This half term we are starting our Geography topic 'Continents'. We will be learning all about the seven continents of the world and where they are placed on the map. We will look at the continents one at a time and explore some of the key features and landmarks of each one. 

To start our learning we will have a go at answering these 3 questions:

- What are the seven continents and where are they? 

- What are the five oceans of the world and where are they? 

- Where is the North Pole, South Pole and the Equator on the globe? 

We will then revisit these questions at the end of the topic to see how much we have learnt!

Please see below our Knowledge Organiser: 




Autumn 2

Can one person really make a difference? 

This half term we have started with the Gunpowder plot and are now moving on to learning about Mary Seacole and the positive impact she has had in history. Take a look at our knowledge organiser to see the sticky knowledge and vocab we will be learning this half term!

Welcome to Year 2 Children!!



We are so excited to welcome you back into school to see your new classrooms, be with all of your friends and start learning together! Mrs Padley and Mrs Clarke are really looking forward to getting to know you all and have enjoyed reading the letters from the children in their class this summer. Miss Schofield is really looking forward to seeing how much you have all grown!!!


The classroom doors will open at 8:45 and children can begin making their way in. The school day begins at 8:50. The classroom doors will close at 8:55. Anyone arriving after this time will need to enter through the school office at main reception. The school day will finish for everyone at 3:15pm


We have lots of exciting things planned this term and we are really looking forward to getting stuck in.


We are starting the year with our Discover term which means we will be focusing on History. Our enquiry question for Autumn 1 is...


Why is the past important to us? 



To answer this question we are going to be learning all about The Great Fire of London which happened in 1666. Why don't you have a think about some questions you may have about the fire? 

We will be learning all about why the fire happened and why it spread, how it was stopped and what happened afterwards. We will also be learning about some of the people who were involved with the fire.  With our learning we will be creating diary entries, striking art work and you will get to choose how you showcase your learning at the end of the term. 


We also look forward to welcoming some special visitors (you'll find out more about that later!) 


Here is our knowledge organiser... don't forget, our sticky knowledge is all the important learning that needs to stick in our brain!


Some of our homework will be linked to the topic, so make sure you check the homework menu which will be stuck in school diaries and added to the homework section of this page. 


Our first few days of school are going to be all about getting settled into our new classrooms and back into our routine. We have all sorts of exciting activities planned, reading new stories, creating artwork for our displays, sharing our memories of the summer and even creating a time capsule!


We look forward to seeing you soon,

Miss Schofield, Mrs Padley, Mrs Clarke and the rest of the Year 2 Team :-)