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September 2019 marked the launch of our new curriculum at Greasley Beauvale Primary school. Our curriculum has been designed to provide an enriching and challenging curriculum which exposes children to wider world issues and experiences.

We believe that to do this, our curriculum should develop skills and knowledge; it should encourage the principles set out in our Rainbow Values; produce collaborators, innovators, leaders and, above all, it should help our children to understand what it means to be human.


Our curriculum is organised into three areas: Discover, Explore and Create. Central to our curriculum are Core Skills which underpin everything we do:


Active learning:

  • To seek out and enjoy challenges
  • To collaborate with others
  • To show commitment and perseverance
  • Assess themselves and others

Basic skills

  • To speak clearly and convey ideas confidently
  • To read and communicate ideas in writing efficiently and effectively
  • To calculate efficiently and apply skills to problems
  • To use new technologies confidently and purposefully

Creative Thinking

  • To ask questions and extend their thinking
  • To generate ideas and explore possibilities
  • To overcome barriers by trying out alternatives or new solutions
  • To connect ideas and experiences in inventive ways.


Working across three terms allows us to explore areas of the curriculum in greater depth. For this school year (2020/21), the autumn term will be the Create term (with a focus on The Arts), the spring will be the Discover term ( with a focus on history) and the summer term will be the Explore term (with a focus on Geography)


Using a concept-based learning model, we begin by identifying the curriculum content to be covered. This is taken from the 2014 National Curriculum. We then identify key concepts that are drawn out to allow different areas of the curriculum to be threaded together. The concepts are then framed with an enquiry question that provides a starting point for the projects. Examples of these concept questions are ' Should the punishment fit the crime?', ' Does adversity always make you stronger?', and 'Is it better to stand out or fit it?'


All our projects are contextualised, culturally relevant and purposeful. Children work towards authentic outcomes and engage with critical audiences. Examples of project outcomes include exhibitions at museums, creation of memory boxes to share at a care homes, published brochures about the area available at Estate agents for new families moving into the community. We are committed to working in partnership with parents, Governors, and our local community to provide the best experiences we can to enhance the learning and development of each child.


For more information about the curriculum at Greasley Beauvale please contact your child's class teacher, or India Marvin, the Curriculum lead