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Snow and Bad Weather Information

Closing the school due to extreme weather conditions

In the event of extreme weather, the Head Teacher will ring Capital FM and Radio Nottingham (local radio) weather line, in order for them to announce the school closure, at the earliest possible opportunity. The Head Teacher may delegate this responsibility to another member of staff. The Head Teacher or the delegated person will then report the closure on and inform the LA of the school closure and update the website.

The Head Teacher will send a text message to all parents informing them of the closure.

If possible a member of staff will be in school to meet any children/parents who come to school, having not heard the radio announcements.

Should any children arrive at school unattended, the Head Teacher or another delegated member of staff will call their parents. If the parents are not available other numbers on the school contact list will be used, in order for the children to be collected.