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This morning, we hosted the Reception Rainbow Rewards celebration. The whole year group were together with their grown-ups as a live audience. WE talked about the Rainbow Values and each children was presented with an award of one of the seven values:


Respect and acceptance – “Being ready, respectful and safe in everything we do”


Active body and active mind – “Take ownership over your physical and mental wellbeing”


Inclusive yet individual – “Embrace diversity and be proud of who you are”


Nurture, develop and grow – “Persevere and take risks with your talents and potential”


Believe in yourself – “Be confident in your choices”


Overcome your obstacles – “Be brave, show resilience and challenge yourself”


Wonder and curiosity – “Ask questions and seek answers”


It was a great celebration of all the children's collective achievements, and so lovely to see so many grown ups. Thank you for coming! 


The powerpoint slide show at the end shared memories from across the year, and I think these will be cherished for a long time.


Year 1 ready, I can't believe it!


Mrs Bates :)