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Parent and Carer testimonials from across school

    Greasley Beauvale Primary School


                             Parent and Carer Testimonials



“Greasley was always my first choice of school for my son, from the moment I walked through the doors it just felt right. You are instantly made to feel welcome, and the running of the school really does focus on the children's individual strengths and creating well-rounded future adults. The staff are always friendly and approachable. I would always recommend Greasley to anyone looking for a primary school.”


Charlette Brittle


“Greasley Beauvale Primary School is such a warm and lovely environment for children to learn. The support from all staff is great, along with great spaces for our children to develop. The library is a great addition & staff are always looking to provide new experiences. Both of my children have attended Greasley & I would recommend to everyone.”


Sarah Bainbridge


“The school is incredibly inclusive. They adapt to the needs of the children and are highly skilled with SEND, which means all children feel part of the community. The collaboration with parents means children's needs are always at the heart of practice and decision making.”


Jess Jackson


“Greasley Beauvale Primary school is a great school. I haven't had any bad experiences here.
My son has additional needs, which are always met by the teachers. They are caring and go above and beyond to help. Transition between school years has gone well with meeting of the new teachers and being given booklets for their new class.”




“Greasley Beauvale is a warm and welcoming environment. The day my daughter started this school, she happily walked into her classroom and has enjoyed her time ever since. The frequent communications enable us as parents and carers to be informed and knowledgeable of the developments within the school. Staff are approachable and supportive and being invited into the school to the Headteacher Award (as parents and carers) when children are nominated, allow the school to be seen in its true form. This made me feel proud as a parent and happy that my daughter attends this school. Every time I come into the school for events, makes me proud that my child is in such a happy environment where she is settled and thrives. The passion from the staff shows what a wonderful school community it is. The rainbow values are clearly integrated into all aspects and the vision of the school, and I support the strengths and achievements of the school.”


Natalie Astle


“Greasley Beauvale is the most welcoming, warm and wonderful place for my children to learn and thrive. Their ethos of bringing everyone along and leaving no one behind is a true testament to the positive atmosphere that is created by all staff and students.”


Karla Jones


“It is a safe place where the staff care about my children. Children are well cared for and nurtured to enable them to grow in confidence and enjoy their journey at Greasley Beauvale.”




“Greasley Beauvale has always gone above and beyond to support our Children. The feeling amongst Children, Parents and Staff at Greasley is one of Proud. Everyone works so hard together to keep delivering the best for the Children and Families in the Greasley Beauvale School Community. We feel lucky to have been able to send our Children to Greasley Beauvale.”


Helen Whitelam


“I was extremely nervous for my daughter, who has additional needs, to start school but Greasley were incredible at arranging transition meetings and communicating with us, every step of the way. The staff are committed to supporting the children, and families, they work with and making a difference.”


Rebecca Shaw


“Making a decision about where your child goes to school can be an anxious and daunting process, but so far all of the staff at Greasley Beauvale Primary have been really welcoming and supportive as we have prepared for our children to start in reception this year. As only one of us (parents) was able to attend the initial school tour we have been able to visit again and ask more questions, and the transition sessions have been really helpful for our children to start to feel comfortable about coming to school too. So far, our children our children are going into school with a smile on their faces each day and coming out of school with an equally big smile, and we’re looking forward to seeing what their school journey brings!”


Martine Wheeldon


“Our oldest son has ASD, ADHD and SPD. Everyone, from the head teacher to the receptionists, each staff member are all active in our child’s care at school. Every staff member all treats their students as if they are their own. All staff (including Steve!) are loving, patient, thoughtful and do their best to put the kids first, while they are sadly seriously underfunded and under paid. The staff give five-star service to the children and parents. There is not any staff that I have met who don’t have outstanding character.”




“We want to commend all the staff and leadership at Greasley Beauvale for the incredibly warm and comforting welcome you provided to us as parents and to our child during their first year. Your open communication, fantastic facilities, and broad curriculum, full of activities and opportunities, truly put us all at ease and made the first year of school a wonderful experience for our child. Thank you.”


Danny & Liberty Hall