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Highlights of the week

How is it Friday already? Time has flown and we are a week on! One more week to go until half-term and another holiday (already!!!) 


This week has been GREAT. Highlights include:


* Parental engagement event in Reception. We all saw how excited and proud the children were to share their learning from the Chinese New Year - songs, head dresses and a fabulous dragon dance at the end.


* Our first virtual workshop for parents took place with Mrs Padley to explain the rationale and philosophy around the 'No Outsiders' approach to teaching about equality and diversity (Inclusive yet individual). Powerpoints and resources will be shared.


* The Mental Health Support Team (MHST) have been in again to talk to the children about 'Food and Mood' This made us all reflect and think about healthy choices and listening to what our bodies are telling us. Romana told us to 'high-five' and think about H.A.L.T when we are not 'feeling right'


Are we...

          - Hungry?

          - Angry?

          - Lonely?

          - Tired?


A huge good luck to cross country runners tomorrow - I can't wait for the update


Have a good weekend everyone,


Mrs Bates