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Week Ending 6thJuly 2018


This week, the following children have received a Head Teacher’s Award:


Ethan – Year 2 – For some great work during ‘All About Me’ with Mrs Bexon.


Week Ending 6thJuly 2018


I have had a great week this week. We have had lots going on and the children have enjoyed a history and art themed week…as well as many more opportunities.


This week, your children have all taken part in our fabulous History/Art week! Specifically, they have all learned about the very famous and very local legend of Robin Hood. Each class took part in a Robin Hood related art activity. We shared the work in Thursday’s assembly with children from each year group telling the whole school what they had learnt and how they had created their own artwork...we even had a fashion parade from Year 1 in their fantastic Robin Hood hats!


Wednesday was fabulous this week, as I met with three different groups of new starters ready for September. We did a morning, afternoon and evening for the parents, and children, who will be new to EYFS. The wonderful children had an opportunity to explore Early Years and meet their new teachers and staff. There were no tears and they all thoroughly enjoyed themselves.


On Thursday, it was then transition day for everyone. We missed the majority of the year sixes, as they spent the day in year 7 at Hall Park Academy. We then welcomed the new Early Years children again as all the children moved up through the years to spend time in their new classrooms with their new teachers.


On Thursday, I also finished looking at the 372nd school report. They all made for enjoyable reading and I loved commenting on every single one. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did. Watch out for your envelope next Friday! In addition, we open our doors on Monday 16th July for open afternoon/evening.


Today we were interviewing for a new Teaching Assistant post for September. The TA staffing for September will be shared as soon as we establish year groups for them all now that the team is full.


To end the history and art themed week, the children were invited to dress up as a historical figure to round the week off. Each class chose a winner, who told their class about who they were and how they had made their costumes. We then all had a lovely treat and watched the Disney version of the Robin Hood film with ice-cream! Informative and a real treat in the hot weather – it provided a cool and relaxing end to another fabulous week!


Friday morning, we waved goodbye to the majority of the year 2 children as they went on their own little road trip. The year 2 children embarked on their first residential to camp in tents at Wollaton Park. They had a fun-filled day and evening planned and I think the staff were as excited to go as the children were. I went along Friday evening to visit them and take along the ice creams and iced lollies. They were all having a fabulous time and it was great to see them on their return Saturday morning also.


Friday evening, I also received good news from Mr Leyshon…H ey, I'll give you a little overview of our tennis adventures!...We won the first tournament against some Broxtowe schools without losing a single game to progress to the district finals. We had a head to head match against Sunnyside academy to become district champions in which we won 3 and drew 1 match to progress to the Nottinghamshire county finals. Then today we ended up finishing 5th as a team in the entire county! JX 

Great news…I am very proud of all the children, who took part and would also like to thank Mr Leyshon for his sporting success this year. He has arranged so many great tournaments and opportunities for the school and our wonderful children this year.


I wrote to you all last week about ‘Project Playground’ and the plans we have for the playground. The children have now brought their Smarties tube home (or sweet alternative) and I look forward to seeing how they do with their errands during ‘Aspirations Week’. Thank you for your support in advance.


Today, we proudly saw England make their way into the Semi-finals of the world cup to play Croatia next week. As a way to celebrate, I am allowing all the children to wear ‘England-themed’ colours and attire during the school day on Wednesday. Year 5 are at Hall Park on Wednesday so unfortunately for them, they have to wear school uniform. However, they can be ‘England-ready’ on Tuesday to join in with the celebrations.


The weather is still beautiful and I hope that you all have a great weekend.


Take care


Warm regards,


Michelle Bates

Head Teacher