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Week Ending 23rd March 2018


This week, the following children have received a Head Teacher’s Award:


Freddie – Year 2 – For brilliant resilience and improved attitudes to learning. He is determined to do well and always very happy!


Attendance figures this week are as follows:


WILF will be visiting class 14 for 99.07% attendance.

Jessica will be visiting class 12 for 98.85% attendance.

3rd place for attendance goes to Class 1 for 98.67%


The ‘Top Table’ VIP lunch awards goes to:


Class 1 - Lauren 

Class 1 - Abigail 

Class 2 – Thomas 

Class 9 – Adam 

Class 3 – Amber 

Class 10 – Corey 

Class 10 – Taiya Leigh 

Class 12 – Ravina 


Week Ending 16th March 2018


Well the penultimate week of term has certainly been very busy and eventful. Monday morning was a fabulous start to the week as Mrs Clarke held the science exhibition in the hall. During this time, the children shared what they had been previously doing as part of science week. I saw all sorts of experiments and I can honestly say that the conversations that the children held, and the vocabulary that they were using, was very impressive. I am sure we have some budding scientists of the future. I has also been great to see the work displayed around school, and through the corridors, showing once again true scientific potential.


On Tuesday, it was great to be part of a Pupil Parliament meeting with the governors also. The children really showed their confidence when talking to our governors and shared with them what we have been doing as a school really well. The governors challenged them with questions and they showed resourcefulness and resilience to give them the detailed answers that they required. The children also had a string of questions for our governors on their role in school and how they hold me to account through meetings and links with the school. They also had questions for me and I was certainly put through my paces. They also shared their Greasley newspaper and questions arose from that also. It was a great hour-long meeting and one where I was really proud of the Pupil Parliament team.


Thinking to parliaments and working together as teams to improve the school, Mrs Barrowcliffe and I met with Parent Parliament on Tuesday evening at the Horse and Groom. This was an open forum to discuss life at Greasley Beauvale primary and in particular ways we could improve or how time in school would be ‘even better if…’ As part of the meeting, we discussed playground provision, school residential, dog fouling in the local area, homework and the attendance policy. Mrs Barrowcliffe minuted the meeting and we have taken the point on board. In school, I will now share the points raised with the senior leadership team and the staff and look at ways in which we can make improvements. On the flip side, it was fabulous to hear that parents feel very welcome in the school, that the parental engagement events have gone down very well and are well-loved by parents and that our aimed vision is beginning to be recognised and noticed in school.


Throughout the week, we have been taking part in a number of sporting activities in preparation for Sport Relief today. The children have been so engaged and very sporty. As a school, we aimed to reach ‘Russia’ for the World Cup through our step count and wow the children were very positive and competitive. As a school, based on our step counts, we were in the following places at different stages during the week:


Monday – Bruges, Belgium

Tuesday – Berlin, Germany

Wednesday – Minsk, Belarus

Thursday – Moscow, Russia!

On Monday, when all of Friday’s miles are added up, the final destination will be announced.


The top three groups in the 'Reach Russia’ challenge, from across the school, each received a cheque to spend, at Decathlon, on sporting equipment for their class. The winners were:


3rd place - £25 voucher – EYFS

2nd place - £50 voucher – Class 5

1st place - £100 voucher – Year 6


An exhilarating and somewhat sweaty afternoon assembly finished our school week, with children from each class (and teachers) taking to the rowers in a number of 30-second challenges.


What a brilliant end to an exciting week of sports challenges.


Have a great weekend and see you all soon.


Warm regards,

Michelle Bates and Lisa Clarke