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Head Teacher's Blog!

Well, that's the first week down and done of academic year 2023-2024, and what it a great week it was too!


Mrs Bailey (Deputy Head Teacher), Mr Poxon (School Business Manager) and myself have working on the new school improvement plan and we have some exciting projects and ideas on the horizon:


1) Becoming a Thinking School led by Thinking Matters Consultancy.


We passionately believe that this level of training will support all teachers and adults in school to develop curiosity, resilience confidence and thinking within all of our learnings. 


Check out the journey we are about to embark on...


2) Nursery and Wrap-Around- Care provision. 


As already stated, this is going to take some time to explore, but we are on that journey now, and we look forward to sharing the next steps with you as soon as we can.


3) Becoming an OPAL School led by Opal Consultancy.


The work completed with OPAL will support us as a school to really develop the sustainability of quality learning through play. We are all learning now that play is not just important at Reception age, but for ALL of our children (throughout the day).


Something else to check out for more information...


On top of this, we continue to look at the developments of English (spelling, handwriting and writing in particular), maths (reasoning for sure!) and Phonics and Early Years. EXCITING! 


We haven't forgotten the importance of stakeholders and how we link with, and engage, parents and carers in the life of the school. 


The office are also a VERY important part of school life. Welcome to their weekly newsletter:


This week, we had our FIRST Rainbow Rewards assembly of the school favourite time of the week!! Many children shining on the rainbow seating, and really showing us the development in two of our Rainbow Values that we have all promised to concentrate on:


1) Respect and Acceptance

2) Inclusive yet Individual


However, they are ALL important. Check our Vision, Aims and Rainbow Values out using the following link of the website:


Finally, we celebrate the Head Teacher's Awards for the week:


Leo - Orange 2 - For his poster on Robin Hood and the amount of writing and detail on it. This showed personal time at the weekend with mum and what he had learnt from his visit to Nottingham Castle. Well done, Leo. This was great! 


Ruby and Ellen - Orange 2 - For listening to instructions and using the paints to show the primary and secondary colours.


George - Indigo 1 - For working so hard to write a newspaper article on Philippe Petit, and a letter of persuasion to Anglo-Saxon leaders in history. You have blown me away, George. Much improved! Well done, George.


Finally, a reminder that we are currently asking for testimonials for our new prospectus. Please give your positive views using the following link:


Have a good weekend, everyone! 


Let's hope we squeeze a little more sunshine from the sky this weekend.


Mrs Bates :)