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Head Teacher's BLOG

This week, I have been so proud to walk our new potential parents and carers around school again. Children have been Ready, Respectful and Safe and following many values once again! Most impressively, children have been welcoming, well-mannered and calm. Thank you, Children. I am sure many parents, carers and children will chose us based on what they saw. 


Next week, we have so much to look forward. I have previously mentioned the Christmas Cracker event for the Greasley light switch on, but I also want to remind you all about the raffle at the Christmas fair. We have many great prizes and an opportunity to win many great treats.


We hope that you can all join us and we look forward to seeing you again at Christmas after so many years. We are also hoping to bring in valuable funds to the school, with your support.


Thank you and have a great weekend,


Mrs Bates