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Diary of the week:

Well, what another fabulous week in school!

In many ways, this has been just as exciting as last week (if not more) because the children are now full flow into their learning, topic, systems and routine. Walking around school, the children (and staff) are very ‘on it’ and we are seeing some fabulous work and learning taking place. The children are very excited about their new topics:

Early Years: Ourselves
Year one: Good to be me
Year two: Food
Year three: Homes
Year four: Deadly 60! (Yuck!)
Year five: Movie Magic
Year six: Horrible Histories

We’ve had a few issues with parking this week on Greasley Avenue. Both Mrs Bates and I went out yesterday and we would kindly ask that parents do not park on Greasley Avenue, and the school drive entrance, during the school drop-off and pick-up time. It can get highly congested in that small cul-de-sac and when cars are parking, turning and reversing it only poses potential risk to the children. Mrs Bates has also talked to the children about road safety when walking down the avenue and given reminders about using the pavement, not walking down the centre of the road and being aware of moving cars. Please try to support us with this (where you can) in the best interest of the children. Remember that you do have full access and rights to park in the leisure centre car park and then walk to the relevant gate for your child. Thank you!

Thank you also to everyone that came to the assessment briefings last Wednesday, Thursday and Tuesday of this week. In total, Mrs Bates and I probably saw about 80 parents and have since had some very positive comments, emails and useful feedback. We have also been asked some very sensible questions and parents really are in full support of the new system and understand the challenges that our children will face over future years. Following the meeting, some parents (who couldn’t make the meeting) have been asking teachers if they can have their child’s new data score. We are reluctant to do this at this stage, as the point score now will mean very little to parents without the detailed explanation. You will receive a report for your child, and their current assessment, in October ready for parents evening. In the meantime, I ask that parents speak to the office about arranging a time to see me for that information if they require it and if enough parents come forward then I will hold another assessment briefing.

The younger children really have settled in well and it has been great to see them enjoying their school lunches this week and beginning to use their manners so well. Next week will be their time to venture into whole school assembles and join us for stories, reflections, occasional prayers and themes of the week. The theme this week is ‘enthusiasm’ and we are all certainly enthusiastic at the moment. Next week, the theme will be ‘Attitude’ and we will have a focus on developing the right attitudes to all walks of life including school, friendships and learning. Last week, was ‘Together’ and eventually we will work through the ‘TEAM GB’ display in the hall and every classroom.

What a great start to the academic year of 2016-2017!

Have a super weekend and continue to enjoy this wonderful autumn sunshine


Week Ending 16th September 2016
This week, the following children have received a Head Teacher’s Award:

Joshua – Early Years-for amazing maths work finding number bonds to 10.

Ella – Year 3 – for adding and subtracting a range of numbers by following a pattern.

WILF will be visiting different classes throughout the year for 100% attendance. As last week was not a full week, WILFs travels will begin next Friday based on attendance for this week. However, I am delighted to report that classes 4, 6, 8, 9 and 11 all achieved 100% during the first week of term. WOW, WILF will be busy if this record continues!

Diary of the week:
Welcome to the autumn term and the first BLOG of the academic year. The children and staff are all back safe and well and excited and raring to go! It has been a great week and we are so proud of how well the children have settled into their new classes and topics; especially our youngest children in Early Years. The children are looking very smart in their new school uniforms and it is fabulous to see all the children following the school dress code so beautifully. The children are also oozing enthusiasm for the new school year and are ready to face the new challenges ahead.We are very excited about this year and can’t wait to get ‘stuck in!’

Much of this week, has been about settling in and getting to know each other. During the first few weeks, the teachers will be gauging where the children need support and as a school we will start by ensuring the children know the basics (e.g. spelling, handwriting, punctuation, times tables etc), allowing us to then move through the year objectives with confidence.
Thank you to everyone, who has already attended the parental assessment briefing meetings and I look forward to seeing many more familiar, and new, faces on Tuesday morning at 9am (straight after the school drop off).

At Greasley Beauvale, we are firm believers in developing and celebrating the ‘whole child’. As a result, it was fab this week to chat with Chloe and hear about her amazing summer and achievements in the ‘International Open Taekwondo Championships’ and has been crowned WORLD Open U11 Champion! She brought her medal in to show me in true Chloe style – very gracious and modest! What an achievement for a 10 year old (only 9 at the time).


Have a great weekend. Let’s hope for some sunshine as summer can’t be over just yet!