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Head Teacher's Blog

Dear Parents and Carers,

Today, we mark the first full year anniversary, where we went into a pandemic lockdown. I will be talking to the children today about reflecting on the past year, but also moving forwards.

As we enter into our minutes silence later today, we will be reflecting on the sad and happy times, the highs and the lows and the year ahead.

It will be a day to reflect on the sacrifices made and the fact that this has potentially been the most difficult year in our own history. Our lives have certainly changed so much in the past year...the year that parents became teachers to mention one example!

We will pay our respects to those that we have lost and provide thanks to those who have worked hard around us.

One of the British Values is 'Mutual Respect'. We will be paying our respects today; respecting the views of others; working together to get through the next phase and showing deep admiration for others around us.

We are coming through the other side of a national tragedy, and we will work hard as a school to reunite, recover and rebuild. We aim to become a kinder, more reflective, tolerant and compassionate community together.

I am so proud of the school community, and I will certainly be reflecting today on the hardest year in education for us all (parents included!). I certainly look forward to brighter times, but for now we continue to keep safe and do the very best we can to keep safe and positive.

We will be reflecting for you all today - whatever your experiences may have been this year!

Keep safe, keep smiling and we are almost there!

Have a good day,

Mrs Bates