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Head Teacher's Blog

February 2021


Dear Children,


Wow, what a weird and wonderful world we are living in currently. We are already halfway through the academic year and almost a year into living life through a pandemic. I just cannot believe it!


I thought I would take the time to write to you, as we are still experiencing a third national lockdown and this is the second time that you have moved to remote learning. Therefore, we have not seen some of you for a while and bubbles have not been complete since before Christmas. I think I said last time that if you are finding this all very strange, that is because it is. Eventually, things will get better and (at some point) we will get back to normal. We just do not know when ‘yet’!


We are all so incredibly proud of you. Some children are in school daily; some at home all the time and some carrying out blended learning between home and school. Every scenario is different and each situation is coming with its highs and lows. We are proud of your resilience and, through your work and online learning, we can see the ways in which you are managing this pandemic. Well done! You are all true heroes.


On a personal note, I am really missing having you all together. I miss the hustle and bustle of the corridors, the sound of you walking into assemblies singing, the laughter from the playground, the clapping during Rainbow Rewards and visiting your lessons to see you all there together. I miss seeing children come to my door for a Head Teacher’s Award and having those handshakes or high fives when we celebrate the great things that you do. I genuinely hope that you can all return soon. However, we need to wait until this is allowed and safe!


I remember saying last time that life is precious and it certainly is. We need to protect ourselves, our families, our neighbours, the community and beyond. The national lockdown, restrictions, masks, hand gel, staggered times to the day and much more are all part of the plans in place to keep us safe. We are all playing our part and as the children of the Greasley community, I could not be prouder of how brave and strong you are being. I promise that one day, we will get back to mixed playtimes; trips and residentials; plays in the hall; singing in concerts; assemblies together and to see parents and volunteers in the building too.


We talk to you about the Rainbow Values regularly and we feel that they are so important - not just now, but always. Take a look at them, discuss them with your family and see which one you think you are doing well with during this third lockdown, and which one you might need to focus on next half term (or over the holidays!):


Respect and acceptance – “Everyone is equal, everyone is unique”


Active body and active mind – “Take ownership over your health and well-being”


Inclusive yet individual – “Embrace diversity and be proud of who you are”


Nurture, develop and grow – “Persevere and take risks with your talents and potential”


Believe in yourself – “Be confident in your choices”


Overcome your obstacles – “Be brave, show resilience and challenge yourself”


Wonder and curiosity – “Ask questions and seek answers”


To say “THANK YOU, WELL DONE and KEEP IT UP”, we send you a rainbow in this envelope to show you that we are thinking of you all and hope to see you again soon. Wear it with pride and when you do please ‘SMILE’ – remember to keep smiling!


Children, this storm will end one day soon. We will make the history books and your personal story will be one to share and be proud of some day with your own children and grandchildren.


“Paint Your Own Rainbow”…


Hold your rainbow tight, close your eyes, dig deep in your mind and consider what you want at the end of your rainbow when this is all over?


YOU ARE ALL AMAZING – hang on there, children. Take care and keep safe! Have a great half-term holiday with your family and make sure you rest, as we are not setting home learning. J


Lots of love, luck and best wishes.


Mrs Bates J