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Head Teacher's Blog

Week Ending 11th October 2019


This week, the following children have received a Head Teacher's Award:


Jack and Hattie - Orange 1 - For wonderful writing about the Wild Child's emotions at different points in the story. They both confidently wrote in the first person. 


This week, the following children have received positive praise from myself:


Jack (Indigo 2), Ruby and Joshua (Blue 2) and Destiny (Blue 1) for being able to clearly and confidently articulate our Rainbow Values to visitors.


Current attendance results are as follows:


1st place goes to Blue 1 and Indigo 2 for 100% attendance.

2nd place goes to Red 2 for 99.6% attendance.


On Monday and Tuesday, the year 2 children were engrossed in their learning based around the Great Fire of London. They experienced a mock fire drill with myself, whereby we discussed the lack of safety procedures many years ago and how that varies in schools and buildings today. They also experienced the drama workshop, which was just brilliant! They dressed in clothes that would have been worn during 1666 and did some fantastic role-play based on the Great Fire of London. Their learning is all leading to authentic outcomes and we look forward to the end goals.


During the week, I have walked parents around school who are deciding on school places for 2020, candidates for new roles and had a visitor from the local authority. The school has felt calm, hard-working and respectful, and I have been very proud of the teachers and the children.


A polite reminder…Can I please ask that we think again about parking on the streets surrounding school during school drop-off and pick-up times. I have had emails and calls from local residents and they have asked again that people park, drive and use their vehicles safely. The safety of the children is paramount. Thanks in advance.


Today, we said goodbye to Miss Atamaniuk for a while as she starts her maternity leave a week early. We wish her all the love and luck as she embarks on motherhood and we can’t wait to hear the news of a boy or girl (?) and the special name...I'm guessing a girl! 


Have a great weekend everyone.


Warm regards,


Michelle Bates

Head Teacher