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Head Teacher's Award

Head Teacher Awards this week:


Albert and Remi - Orange 2 - For independently doing their maths and using appropriate resources to help them. Well done, boys!


Ronnie - Reception - For amazing independent writing. WOW!


William - Yellow 2 - For demonstrating the Rainbow Value of 'Inclusive yet Individual' so well in PSHE, when learning about people who are deaf. William confidently shared his own experiences with his dad and best friend with pride. He even taught the whole class some sign language.


Sophia - violet 1 - For showing fabulous resilience and determination when completing tricky work with decimals. It was great to see how proud she was of her efforts.


Ella Andrews - Indigo 2 - For going above and beyond with her homework and creating a fantastic 3D model of a Murakami flower in less than 24 hours. What a super star! 


Toby - Orange 2 - For his independent writing that he has done about the red egg that got delivered on Monday. A huge well done!