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A FANTASTIC first week back. The children were engaged right from the start and the week started positively with Reception, Key stage 1 and Key Stage 2 singing (one of my favourite times of the week alongside Rainbow Rewards on a Friday morning).


Some sad news was shared this week, but exciting for Mr Leyshon:


"I am writing to inform you that Mr Leyshon has informed us that he intends to leave Greasley as he has decided to move to Northern Ireland with his family. He will end his contract at the end of this term as he starts his new venture following the Easter holidays.


Mr Leyshon has worked at Greasley since September 2014 and during this time, he has been a very valued member of the teaching staff (and amongst the Greasley community). I started working at Greasley, as a teaching Deputy Head Teacher, in 2015 and have very fond memories of working with Mr Leyshon in Year 4. He is a dedicated teacher, who always puts the children, and his key values, at the centre of his decisions and teaching ethos and style.


Over the years, Mr Leyshon has led on computing, after school clubs, the football team, PE, and sports funding. He currently leads on the English curriculum and has been a large part of our new library development. He has been an asset to the staffing team, and he will always be remembered for his strength in acquiring and using research. He will be greatly missed.


Currently, we are trying to find a replacement, and adverts are being processed and published. The successful candidate will work in Blue 1 for the summer term, following the Easter holidays, until the end of the summer term.


We wish Mr Leyshon all the very best of luck in his new and exciting venture with his family, and thank him greatly for his commitment over the last eight and a half years during his time at Greasley".


Have a good weekend everyone, 


Mrs Bates