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Cassey the Snake update

Leah, in year 5, would like to update you on her 'Cassey the Snake' experience...


Hi everyone,

I meet with the council today and we have had a discussion about Cassey the snake 🐍 and unfortunately we have had to move her to a safer location for now, which is just a few meters down from where she was and she is looking good. She has not moved that far from where she was. So please keep making your beautiful rock's / stones so we can continue to make her bigger.

The council have said that we might be able to concrete some of them in which would be a lovely idea fingers crossed we should find out in the next two months.

So we have plenty of time to get her even Here is a picture of her now and where about she is. We hope it continues to make you smile. Thanks again, Hayley and Leah xx