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Head Teacher's Blog!

Week Ending 4th May 2018


This week, the following children have received a Head Teacher’s Award:


Jonah – EYFS – for writing a fabulous independent speech bubble for the ‘Bad Tempered Ladybird’

Reagan – EYFS - for writing a fabulous independent speech bubble for the ‘Bad Tempered Ladybird’

Isabelle – Year 2 – for coming into school with a huge smile on her face today!

Destiny – Year 2 – for coming into school with a huge smile on her face today!


This week, the following children have been selected to sit on the ‘Top Table’ at lunchtime:


Class 3 – Imogen

Class 3 – Tommy

Class 1 – Jake

Class 1 - Archie

Class 5 – Mya

Class 5 - Nancy


Attendance figures this week are as follows:


WILF will be visiting class 1 for 100% attendance.

Jessica will be visiting class 8 for 100% attendance.

3rd place for attendance goes to Class 12 for 99.6%


Week Ending 4th May 2018


Another busy week at Greasley.


Monday brought fabulous news as I was told that William in class 4 has just signed for Chesterfield Football Academy. This is an amazing achievement for him and we are all very proud of him. I also had a lovely conversation with Ella-Riley in year 4 regarding her dance medals and the successes she also had at the weekend. I love hearing how children’s talents are developing outside of school and I would always provide the time for children to share these with me.  


Over the last few weeks, we have had several new pupils start school and I can honestly say I have been extremely proud of how they have settled in. It has also been delightful to see how our own children already on role have welcomed them with open arms. We have seen new friendships developing, and I am very pleased to see how everyone has been helpful to our new pupils. Consequently, they are already very much part of Team GB.


Over the next few weeks, we will be confirming classes for September 2018 and who is teaching in which year group. We will also let you know as soon as we can if classes are to be mixed. This decision is never taken lightly and we take many factors into consideration.


We are currently starting to make plans for Vocational week, whereby the children start to learn about different jobs and careers that they may wish to consider during their late teens and into adulthood. Vocational week is going to be on Week Commencing 9th July 2018. During the week, we talk about CV and letter writing, interviews, applying for jobs and also the different routes that people take throughout their career paths. We also invite people in to talk to the children about the routes they have taken and how they came to do the job that they are currently in. They also talk about qualifications (or not) and the fact that not everyone has to go to university to get a job. If anyone would like to be involved in Vocational Week, and could offer some time to come and talk to different classes, then please let us know. Once again, we would welcome you warmly.

A super week once again and I feel it leads nicely into the bank holiday weekend. Enjoy the rest and sunshine (unless I am being hopeful).


Warm regards,

Michelle Bates

Head Teacher