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Head Teacher's Blog

I can't express enough this week how exceptionally proud I am of the Year 6 children during their SATS!!! (not to mention the staff!) 


The grit and determination has been most impressive, but also how calm, sensible and mature they have been. The whole cohort have taken the actual tests, and the process of the whole week, in their stride. I feel that they have done their very best and tried to use all the knowledge and skills that they have been taught over the last four years, during their time in KS2, and squeezed it into their learning this week. 


When I consider our Rainbow Values, they have:


* Shown Respect and Acceptance to everyone (and each other)

* Definitely shown their Active Bodies and Active Minds (especially during breakfast and test time!)

* Been Inclusive and Individual to everyone and cared for each other

* Certainly shown how they have Nurtured, Developed and Grown their talents, knowledge and skills over their time at Greasley

* Demonstrated Belief in Themselves

* Overcame many Obstacles at different points during the build up and the actual tests

* Definitely shown that Wonder and Curiosity is key to success 


On top of this, the children have had to show resilience and strength. We have had children moving house, being brave during times of stress and headaches, dealing with the death of a pet, a broken arm and an A&E visit for suspected broken toes....and they still haven't given up!!


Well done, children!!


I can't wish you a good weekend until I have said a HUGE BIG THANK YOU to Miss Marvin, Mrs Parnell and the Year 6 team (as well as the large team of staff who supported with the process of the SATS). It's a lot of hard work, drive, professionalism and patience, and the children have the best team around them. A huge thanks also to Mrs Parnell and Steph for organising the SATs breakfast for the children - it went down a storm! 


I am very proud - bring on the results now (I can't believe we have to wait until July as externally marked and assessed)


Have a great weekend everyone! 


Next week, we start again with our Year 2 children, who sit their KS1 SATs! They don't really know they are sitting big tests as we make the week as normal and as low key as possible due to their age! They are used to the process by now and we try to be as relaxed and 'normal' as possible. 


Good luck, children - I know you will do your absolute best, just like our big children :) 


Mrs Bates