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Head Teacher's Blog

Week Ending 6th March 2020


This week, the following children have received a Head Teacher’s Award:


Scarlett – Indigo 2 – For writing and decorating a fabulous poem detailing the emotions and fear of an orangutang in the rainforest


Current attendance results are as follows:


1st place goes to yellow 1 and Indigo 2 for 100% attendance.

2nd place goes to Blue 2 for 99.7% attendance.


A shorter blog this week as I have detailed news and events throughout the week. However, I just wanted to reiterate once again what a huge success World Book Day was. I also continue to be very proud of Susie in year 2, who is now our very own author. As mentioned earlier on in the week, her illustrated and published book is currently being sold on Amazon.


The last thing to tell you is that year 3 had a super Monday morning this week during their ‘Earthquakes and Volcanoes’ workshop. This is what Mr Leyshon had to say about it:


The volcano workshop centred on various drama techniques the children learnt to show their understanding of earthquakes, volcanos and a targeted activity on Pompeii in particular. Throughout the day, they told mythical stories through repeated freeze framing, used their bodies to visually answer quiz questions, sculpted each other with imaginary string and much more! They were all left with a greater understanding of many drama techniques and how they can be used to show emotion and understanding, and they also learnt some new facts about volcanos and earthquakes along the way.


We hope that you too have had a super week and you enjoyed reading books with your children at home last night. Remember that the children are working towards their Rainbow Readers badges and every time they read with an adult, and have this recorded in their reading diary, they are one step closer to another badge through the Rainbow.


Have a great weekend everyone.


Warm regards,


Michelle Bates

Head Teacher