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District sports

WOW...still super excited and proud by the achievements of the district sports team on Tuesday. 


It's safe to say that we have some truly talented athletes and winning the trophy for the 'large schools' category was a huge that we have been striving for for many years. 


Clearly, the win was very well deserved. However, I was also proud of EVERY member of the team.  The conduct of the team was professional and enthusiastic and the team spirit was something to be proud of.


Everyone supported each other and there were also many claps for the other schools (even when they were close behind us and things were getting competitive!)  Some children also had to face disappointment (and this was admirable) and some children had to brush themselves down after falls. There were many smiles along the way and I can say that there was a fair bit of cheering. 


Thanks to all the adults for supporting and to Mrs Parnell for choosing the winning team. For those who didn't make the team, they can trial again for next year, pick themselves up and keep their 'active body and active mind!' I firmly believe that competition is a life skill :) 


For those who missed a team photo at the end, we will look at doing one next week in school when Mrs Parnell returns from the Year 6 residential 


Thank you everyone, 


Mrs Bates