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Year 6-PGL Update 12/7/17

Hi everyone!

We had another whirlwind of a day yesterday, and loved every minute!

The Giant Swing and Trapeze were the real thrill-seeking activities we carried out yesterday. The Giant Swing is exactly what it sounds like - you're harnessed in and pulled back up to 10 metres into the air, before being dropped and swinging back and forth like Tarzan through the jungle! It was incredible! We also mastered the Trapeze, and even though not all of the children managed to jump off the pole at the end, all children attempted the climb up it! They should be really proud of their efforts.

Rifle shooting and archery were brilliant too (not as adrenaline-filled, but just as entertaining!) and they gave us a chance to show off a different set of skills - target practice!

In the evening, we took part in Robot Wars, building armour for our 'robot' out of cardboard and then guiding them through a maze of water-filled cups during the showdown. Keep an eye out for some cracking pictures!

All of the children have impressed us today with their team work skills, especially when encouraging less confident members of their groups to take on some tricky and (at times!) scary activities - well done guys!