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Update on year 2 trip

Friday was an exciting day for year two when we visited Colwick Park Adventure Centre. The children took part in three activities: canoe rafting, a scavenger hunt in the forest and a campfire session around the fire pit. 


Before the boats were launched from the pontoon, our guide Andy showed the children how to tie a cleat hitch knot which was used to tie planks to the canoes to join them together to make a canoe-raft. The children embraced this responsibility and after a quick physics lesson on rowing they carried the canoe-rafts to the lake and set off to row around the island. We were extremely proud that all of the children took part in this adventurous activity. 


In the forest, we took part in a scavenger hunt where we learnt about leaf shapes and the different seeds that the trees produced. We were all able to hold a real birds nest that had been found in the forest before having the opportunity to make our own nests and habitats for the wildlife. At the fire-pit, our guide Paddy asked everyone to close their eyes and listen for two minutes before asking the children to share what they had heard. They managed to identify three different bird songs as well as hearing the crackling fire and even the wings of a dragonfly.  It was wonderful to be in such a tranquil environment and see the children try new experiences with such enthusiasm.