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Thinking Matters!

A great day today with the Thinking Schools and the Drive Team. 


We are becoming an accredited Thinking School! We can't wait to share the journey with you.


The science of thinking and how children become deeper thinkers and learners. This really will make all the difference to our school children, community and thinkers.


If you want to find out more, take a look....


Metacognition in Education (


The Drive Team consists of:


Mrs Rachel Bailey - Deputy Head Teacher, Curriculum Lead, Year 3 Teacher and Drive Team Leader


Miss Natalie Schofield - Year 2 Teacher and DT, art and environment Lead


Miss Katie Henshaw - Year 2 Teacher and History and student lead


Miss India Marvin - Year 6 Teacher, ECT mentor, maths lead and SMSC


Mrs L Clarke - Assistant Head, Year 4 teacher and Pupil Premium Lead (amongst other things!) 


.... and me 


Today was exciting and thought-provoking. This is just the start 


I look forward to updating you with more along the way 


Mrs Bates