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Stone Age Workshop

On Tuesday, Year 3 had a brilliant day at the Stine age workshop developing 'Wonder and Curiosity'. this is what the teachers had to say about it:


Year 3 had a full day of learning around wonder and curiosity with a visiting archeologist. The morning was spent excavating, classifying and reconstructing artifacts. In the afternoon, the children created clay pots in a Stone Age style as well as using a grind stone to grind barley for flour, fashioning arrow heads from flint, nettle string and sticks and weaving using replica animal skins. The day answered lots of questions about the Stone Age and created many more to investigate next half term.


Mrs Clarke


Our Stone Age workshop was great, packed full with hands on activities.
We began the day with an introduction to archaeology, and how we find out about history. Then the visitor took the children outside to explore how long ago the Stone Age actually was, and for how long it lasted. We did this using a tape measure, where 1m represented 1000 years. The children could then visualise actually how long ago this period in time was.


After this, we returned inside to be archaeologists, piecing together broken artefacts like pottery, to see what they were. We then practised telling a story through an artefact, and arranging photographs of artefacts on a timeline (layers under the ground) where the children realised that the deeper the object found, the older it must be, as they placed objects through world history from the Stone Age up until modern day.


With the visitor, we then had a go at excavating, discovering artefacts in sand, brushing them off and then classifying them by material and age (Stone/Bronze/Iron Age).


After lunch, we were able to go back in time to the Stone Age and have a go at some Stone Age jobs such as weaving, jewellery making, arrow making and grinding grain to make flower using a Stone grinder. We then made our own Stone Age pottery using the thumb or coil pot methods. The day finished with a Q and A session with a real archaeologist. Wow what a busy day!


Miss Brown


What a super day. The year 3 children learnt such a lot and had a great learning experience.


What a super exciting week so far


Mrs Bates