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SATs - Good luck Year 6

Re: SATs good luck!


Dear Children in Year 6,


As you are all aware, this week is going to be a busy week due to your SAT tests in spelling, grammar, punctuation, reading and maths. I know how hard you have all worked, and I know that results mean a lot to you all. However, I just want you all to do your best and achieve what you can this week.


The SAT tests do not assess everything that you can do. They also do not look at what makes each of you special and unique. The people who design these tests, and then mark them to give you a judgement grade, do not know you personally as we do (including your family). Therefore, I feel there is something I should share with you.


The tests do not take into consideration if you can play a musical instrument or sing a solo in front of a crowd. They do not allow your natural talents to shine. They do not celebrate the fact that you may be able to speak in two languages, compete in competitions and win medals, sign for professional football clubs or have the potential to be an Olympic athlete. They do not give you extra marks for your kindness and manners and the ability to have empathy for others. They don’t acknowledge how thoughtful you are and the fact that you always work hard and try your very best. They do not take into account that some people take a little longer to process information and the fact that you may have some battles currently in your life.


What the tests do is measure the success of the school based on how you are able to perform in a test on a set day in a set subject. They do tell us something, and it’s important that you do the very best you can, but they just don’t tell us everything about you. They show us how much progress you have made since your time in year 2 and how well you can tackle tests at pace. They do not tell me how ‘smart’ you all are as you are all smart in different ways. Over the next few evenings and days, think about all the ‘smart’ things you can do and remind yourself that they are important too, and that those things make you, you! SATS do not celebrate the amazing, unique, and awesome things that you can do.


All being said, do your best and go and shine next week to the best of your abilities. I am so proud of you ALL already for your commitment, drive, perseverance, determination and battling through the hard work, challenges and pitfalls.


Now is the time to rest, sleep, believe and … ‘Paint your OWN rainbow!’


Good luck, guys!


Mrs Bates J