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Dear Parents and Carers,


Next week, we are having a 'Rainbow Week', where we will be concentrating on our Rainbow Values across the curriculum.


On Friday 15th February, we will be showcasing our work across school through display work and an assembly for the children on all 7 values. Therefore, we are inviting the children to wear a plain red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo or violet T.shirt and any other clothing or accessories that may be 'rainbow themed'. Please note, your child does not have to wear the colour of their year group...any bright colours will be great.


We are looking forward to a bright and colourful week, which really concentrates on our new Rainbow Values:


Respect and acceptance – “Everyone is equal, everyone is unique”


Active body and active mind – “Take ownership over your health and well-being”


Inclusive yet individual – “Embrace diversity and be proud of who you are”


Nurture, develop and grow – “Persevere and take risks with your talents and potential”


Believe in yourself – “Be confident in your choices”


Overcome your obstacles – “Be brave, show resilience and challenge yourself”


Wonder and curiosity – “Ask questions and seek answers”



At Greasley Beauvale Primary School, follow the Rainbow Values to


“Paint Your Own Rainbow”


Please do not feel under pressure to buy anything new. Anything bright and colourful will be just fine and fit in perfectly!


Thanks in advance for your support


Warm regards


Mrs Bates