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Positive Praise Home

What an afternoon of positive praise...


Morgan, George, Seren, Skylar and Ethan visited me from Red 1 to show me their amazing writing. Full sentences, adjectives, full stops and capital letters from EYFs was truly magical to see and read. I was very impressed. I found out about sharks, seahorses and fishes in the ocean. I even learnt that daddy seahorses carry the babies and give birth! I never knew that until today! 


Jack, from Blue 1, has amazed me this week. He has increased his attitude to learning and behaviour and has been determined this week to 'overcome his obstacles', 'believe in himself' and be 'respectful and accepting'. 


I have had a truly wonderful afternoon receving lots of good news and seeing children at their very best. I am a very happy head Teacher as I type!


Have a great weekend, everyone


Mrs Bates