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Positive Parent voice

A really wonderful start to the day by receiving such a positive email from a parent about the behaviours, respect and kindness of lots of our children over the weekend. It made a Monday morning very pleasant, and I was over the moon to hear that our children are taking our Rainbow Values and caring ethos into the community, with their families, during a children's birthday party. 


Good Morning Mrs Bates,


I hope you are well. We had a Birthday Party for [our child[ yesterday.

We invited the whole of year 4 and many from year 5 and 6.

Every single child that attended behaved brilliantly, all were so polite and most importantly kind to each other.


[Two boys] from year 5 made sure 1 child sitting out of dancing on his own, came and got involved because they made him feel included.


Parents of Greasley really should feel so proud of the young people they are raising and what a great job the teachers and staff are doing in helping us all turn our children into fantastic young adults.


We will now be eating cake for a month!


Kind regards

[Parent from Year 4]




This was later followed by three boys achieving a Head Teachers Awards:


Harry, Reggie and Cameron - Blue 2 - For devising an excellent jumping routine in PE, which they shared with confidence.


There was then a wonderful end to the day as we invited in our potentially new reception children to foundation. It was lovely to see so many new young faces, eager to explore the setting and their parents. There was some great feedback from the tours that have been taking place already and so many new parents have chosen Greasley already :) 


A thank you to Mrs Henshaw for doing her talk to parents also tonight about history at Greasley. 


I'm also aware of a BIG win at the football tonight, but I will await the details and share tomorrow - well done, boys! 


What a fantastic day! 


Mrs Bates