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PGL Update Day 2

Good evening everyone! 


We've had another lovely sunny day, jam-packed with great activities! Today's activities have included the zip wire, abseiling, orienteering and fencing - some of which a lot of our Year 6's hadn't even heard of! 


Abseiling and the zip wire were the exhilarating activities of the day, with lots of the children overcoming their fear of heights and things that travel really really quickly in the air! Fencing was brilliant too, with lots of our Year 6s showing us what absolute pros they are... despite a lot not knowing what it was beforehand! Orienteering gave us all the chance to have a good explore of the ground, though we didn't forget it was a competition! There were some serious map skills going on! 


We really enjoyed Cluedo last night, and many of the groups identified the 'kidnapper' in our midst.


Tonight - disco! The kids are gearing up to show us some smooth moves. Bets are on for how many times we see the floss on the dance floor! 


Looking forward to what tomorrow brings before we see you all in the afternoon 😊