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Midweek Updates


Indigo 1 had a great time at Aldercar Tuesday morning! 🎨🖌

The children spent some time learning about aboriginal art and creating their own pieces of art work based on an animal of their choice.

Pictures on Weduc showed the children were very engaged and excited and staff voice showed positivity and encouragement. I was very proud of the children.



Wow - what an absolutely fantastic day we have had in Year 4!

🔵 We started the morning at a Roman marching camp and met our Roman Centurion. We learnt about the history of the invasion, talked through the roles in camp, discussed the different part of legionary armour and learnt about some of the day to day things Romans would have used. The Centurion lit a fire and prepared some traditional Roman food for us to try after lunch. 

🟢 Next, we had the opportunity to take part in a variety of activities: cleaned ourselves using olive oil and a strigil, cleaned armour, wrote our names in Latin with a wax tablet and stylus, played a number of Roman games, used a rotary stone quern to grind wheat, used mini catapults and used a loom to weave. 

🟡 After lunch, we looked at a range of Roman artefacts. The oldest was a coin that was approximately 2,100 years old. It was then time for us to try the food - Roman hardtack and a lentil stew, yum! There were mixed reviews given - some children wanted seconds, some spat it out! 

🟠 It was then time to go back onto the field to prepare for battle. The children had the opportunity to learn and say commands in Latin, hold a shield, practise marching in time and perform the testudo. The adults had the opportunity to spot weaknesses in the formation and stop them from advancing. 

All in all a fantastic day. We can't wait to deepen our learning throughout the topic. 

Year 4 team


After School Clubs

We still have spaces on our After School Clubs this half term

Year 1 and 2 outdoor ball sports (Tuesday)

Year 1 and Reception Gymnastics (Wednesday) - we have now opened this up to Year1 children too.

KS2 dodgeball club (Thursday) - we have now opened this up to Year 5 and 6 too.