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Mid-Week update from Year 5

Wow! What a fantastic afternoon we have had in Indigo 1.


Paul Day (one of our governors) came in to talk to the children about our local history topic: mining. He bought in lots of artefacts which his grandad used when he was a miner, and they used the thinking routine 'I see, I think, I wonder' to share their thoughts and ideas about each one. 


Paul and I were extremely impressed with some of the ideas and questions that the children had, and they were all super engaged and interested in some of the stories Paul shared with them.


They have bought home a piece of coal as a bit of a souvenir from the afternoon - hopefully this will spark some conversations at home about any family members that have experience working in the mines!


Well done for a fabulous afternoon Indigo 1 - you did Greasley proud! 🌈