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Lowering the Age Range to 3 - It's OFFICIAL 🎉

Exciting news 🎉


It's official 🎉


Greasley Beauvale Primary School have legally lowered the age range to 3 🎉


Last week, we found out that Colin Pettigrew, the Nottinghamshire County Council Corporate Director of Children, Families and Cultural Services, had officially approved the report to lower our age range to 3. 


Following a 5 day period in which the decision could have been called-in by councillors for scrutiny, there has been no challenge.


At this point, our age range has officially been lowered to 3 years old and we have updated GAIS (Get Information About Schools) details to reflect our new age range:


We will now be able to take Foundation 1 age children and officially open our nursery to allow the 'Rainbows' classroom to commence and the younger children to join. 


Now for the resourcing, staffing and planning for opening after the Easter holidays 🎉


Exciting 🎉