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Head Teacher's Blog!

Week Ending 5th May 2017
This week, the following children have received a Head Teacher’s Award:
Matthew – Year 5 – for amazing effort in Maths.
Adam –Year 3 – for fabulous verbal input and application of skills in Maths.
Travis – Year 1 – for going above and beyond with fantastic Maths.
Scarlett – EYFS – for great independent writing.
Archie – EYFS – for great independent writing.
Wilf and Jessica will be spending the week with class 2 and class 4 as they achieved 100% attendance last week. Excellent!

Diary of the week:
I would officially like to recommend that we have a bank holiday once a month and I know that the children agree with me because I asked them! It was great to enjoy the longer weekend and of course to see everybody come bouncing back in on Tuesday raring to go.

I am so proud of the year 6 group this week, they have used the week so well in their final preparations and I have every confidence, as Mrs Bates said last week, that they will shine. It has actually been a reasonably quiet week in school and I have enjoyed seeing children for head teacher’s awards.

As you are aware, this week I have shared with you all the news that I will be leaving in the summer. I will keep you informed with reference to the selection process for the new head teacher. I explained to the children on Wednesday and some of their priorities really made me smile, they included; “can we still sing songs”, “Will they re-paint the school?”, “Can we still have gold book?” and “Can we keep WILF the puppet?” I have agreed to let Miss Busby adopt WILF, in order for him to stay in school!

I am in the process of creating the May newsletter, in which we will list all of the key dates coming up. Just a reminder that sports day in on Thursday 25th May (weather permitting) and I look forward to seeing you at that and the many other events we have planned in between now and the summer holidays.

Have a great weekend.