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Head Teacher's Blog for WORLD BOOK DAY!



WOW...what a truly brilliant day. The children were given the choice of coming to school today dressed as a book character or wearing their favourite bedtime reading PJs. Everyone looked brilliant and I was so impressed in the imagination with some of the costumes and the home-made props also. I chose the PJ option and had a very comfy day. What a wonderful change! 


The day started with community spirit as the doors were opened up for our adults to come and read with the children. We had an array of family members and the walls were bursting with so many visitors. Thank you so much to everyone who came to school to support the children in their reading books.


During the day, we also had book-related activities in classes and Mr Leyshon read some of his favourites to the children in assembly. 


One of my favourite parts of the day was the whole school book swap. During the morning, the children brought in a book that they had read and loved in the hope to exchange it for another exciting book. During the afternoon, the books were put out in the hall and the classes had a timetabled slot to come and make their exchanges. The books on offer were fabulous and some looked untouched and very much pre-loved! Thanks for all of the donations and making today possible! The children loved their new choices and spent valued time making their careful choices.


Today is ultimately about promoting the love of reading and that's exactly what happened today! The children were engrossed in their stories and activities, and loved the swap and the dressing up. They engaged in their reading and the associated activities ... and smiled all day. 


Today also followed a fantastic visit yesterday from the author 'Eamonn Reilly', who carried out a whole school assembly . The children were engrossed in his stories and his re-telling of them. He had the children in the palm of his hands and the children were very enthusiastic about buying his books and having copies of their very own. Eamonn has sent a letter home about how to purchase his novels in school, and I really hope that these are enjoyed upon purchase.


Thanks to the whole reading community for making today such a pleasure. The love of books, and pleasure for reading, really was very high today. We hope to do more book swaps in the future, increase the number of year groups having 'book and buttie' mornings and even hope to start paired reading across year groups within school. We might even have a book swap area in school for the adults! 


Enjoy reading books with your children tonight... let's keep that love of reading going! 


Thanks again,


Mrs Bates