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Head Teacher's Blog!

Week Ending 15th March 2019


This week, the following children have received a Head Teacher’s Award:


Red 1 – George, Ethan, Imogen, Morgan, Seren and William – For designing brilliant posters during science week. They all thought about ways to keep a healthy body and health mind…eating fruit and vegetables, getting lots of sleep, drinking water, washing hands and much more…


Red 1 – Bluebell – For amazing homework, which involved her visiting Bluebell Farm and producing a wonderful booklet about her experiences. It included pictures and sentences and I loved reading it.


Read 1 – Ava – for independently investigating number bonds to 12 and recording her mathematical additions on a whiteboard


Current attendance results are as follows:


1st place goes to orange 2  for 100% attendance.

2nd place goes to Violet 2 for 99.6% attendance.

3rd place goes to Green 1 for 99.2% attendance.


Week Ending 15th February 2019


It’s been a very scientific week this week in school…young scientists everywhere! Thank you to Mrs Clarke for organising such an event.

During British Science Week, every year group were exposed to scientific enquiry and learning. There was an array of different science activities and today the science showcase in the hall was just fabulous. We took views from the children about the learning they had been engaged with and children were confidently discussing science on their stalls. The grid below shows the types of activities that the children have been involved with and the learning that has taken place through texts, reading and scientific investigations:


Year Group

Healthy Body

Healthy Mind


Active Mind


Hand washing –How and why (include coughing, sneezing, toilet use, food and nail care)

Yoga – benefits of yoga on mind and body


Year 1

Personal hygiene  - learning what good habits are and why they are important for health.


Planet hygiene

How can we have a cleaner planet?

Year 2

Healthy Eating

Money available if you’d like to do a food tasting session.

Can children design healthy lunch boxes that don’t include a sandwich?

Healthy Mind

Mindfulness breathing and visualisation

(Go noodle, Dojo, Zumos, Tai Chi)


Year 3

Water - hygiene and health


Saving water – why and how

Year 4

Teeth importance and approach for dental hygiene (disclosing tablets available if wanted)


Importance of exercise

Types of exercise

Effect of exercise on the mind


Year 5

Sleep – Are we getting enough? Importance of good sleep hygiene

Technology –  it’s effects on mental health. ‘Digital 5 A Day’


Year 6

Drugs  - Are they good for us?

( tobacco, alcohol and medicines)

Introduce protecting themselves from potential dangers (not taking medicine prescribed for others, county lines)

Technology –  it’s effects on mental health. ‘Digital 5 A Day’



Rainbow Rewards was ‘different’ today with a sea of red noses looking at me. What a lovely assembly and many great accounts and rewards shared and celebrated.


Red nose day continued with a ‘joke-off’ and ‘selfies’ and the assembly in the afternoon was entertaining for everyone. Heidi from Blue 2 won the joke-off. The children were happy and having fun, whilst also considering the charity and what they support. £215.90 was raised today for Comic Relief so thank you very much.Thanks again to another member of staff, Miss Marvin, for arranging the day.


Class pages will be sharing photos from throughout the week, so take a look and read about what the children have been up to in individual classes.


Have a great weekend everyone and I look forward already to another super week next week.


Warm regards,


Michelle Bates

Head Teacher