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Week Ending 30th November 2018



Attendance figures this week are as follows:


1st place goes to year 2 for 99.3% attendance.

2nd and 3rd place goes to Year 1 and year 4 for 98.3% attendance.


Positive praise home is as follows:


Music Success…

I would like to inform you that some of our children entered Selston music festival last Saturday. Mrs Deb fox has worked with some of our musicians for a number of years and was pleased to inform me of their progress. She says that they all played superbly with such confidence, whilst also supporting each other. They all entered the party piece section and won medals.


Jessica M, Charlie-May H, Ruby W and Beth P went against each other in the grade 1 -3 section, coming joint 2nd and 3rd.


Katherine C entered grade 4-6 section, put on an outstanding performance, and came 3rd.


Mrs Fox entered 3 groups: Greasley A and B and Ilkeston Brass beginners Band. Greasley A group included Katherine C, Ruby W, Charlie M, Beth P and Jessica M. Greasley B group included Amber W, Amelia W and Katherine C. Ilkeston beginners brass group included Jessica M and Hannah M, plus other beginners ranging from 6 to 80 years old. They were all outstanding competing against singers and other musicians of all agers.

Greasley A group came 3rd with an outstanding performance of Pony Ride.


Mrs Fox wanted me to share with you how fantastic all the children were and what they have achieved.


Nurture, Develop and Grow


Sport Success…

On Thursday, we were delighted to find out the results of the Cross Country event that took place a few weeks. The following children did an amazing job and all who came in the top twenty:


Year 5 boys

3rd – William

13th – Archie

15th – Tyler

17th - Frazer


Year 5 girls

6th – Millie

14th - Essie


Year 6 boys

19th - Alfie


Year 6 girls

16th - Maebh


We were then ecstatic to find out that the children, who had placed in the top 6 of each event, had been entered in to the county cross country finals at Wollaton Park in 2019.


A huge well done to William and Millie in year 5, who will take part at this event and represent the Broxtowe team. An enormous achievement and we are very proud of them.


Also, a massive high five to all the children, who took part and pushed themselves to their limits. They all represented Greasley Beauvale Primary School so well.


Active Body and Active Mind


Week Ending 30th November 2018


Another super week…


What an exciting start to the week. Monday morning started with a visit to Forest Town Primary School, where Mrs Thompson and I went to look at their ‘Tree House’ nurture room provision. A nurture room is something that we are striving to set up in school and will be part of our community room in 2019! A very exciting prospect and something that many of our children will benefit from. Take a read of the research around nurture provision and what we plan to achieve:


To enable this project to become a reality and success, we are asking for kind donations towards the provision. Miss Thompson is going to be leading on this fantastic project, alongside a team of TAs, and this week she has already sent out a letter asking for your help.


At this busy time of year, many of you will now be clearing out the bedrooms, playgrounds, loft and toy boxes. If you have any unwanted items and need a good home for them, then the community room is the perfect place and we will ensure that they go to good use. Thank you in advance for any of the following items:


  • Toys
  • Lego
  • Brick-a-brack
  • Books
  • Storage
  • Musical instruments
  • Cuddly toys
  • Beanbags
  • Rugs
  • Lamps and bright lights
  • Footstools
  • Cushions
  • Small sofas/armchairs
  • Jigsaw
  • And more…the list is endless

Thank you in advance as we enter into this very exciting prospect for school. We believe that a nurture room really will make a huge difference to some of the children’s time in school and prepare them with valuable life skills ready for the different stages within their educational career.


On Tuesday evening, I had a great meeting with the governors and members of the Senior Leadership Team where we finalised the School Improvement Plan for 2019. As a school, we are concentrating on further developing teaching and learning and ensuring that your child’s lessons are highly engaging through challenge, high-quality questioning, explanations and modelling. We are also working on delivering the leadership of all subjects, at all levels, and considering the curriculum for 2019…a new focus for Ofsted teams!


On Thursday, to begin looking at the impact of the targets already in place from the School Improvement Plan, I did a learning walk with Mrs Pam Tulley (Chair of the Strategic Governor Committee). She was very impressed with what she saw and the provision in place. Some of her comments were as follows:


“Children were engaging with the Rainbow Values well”

“Clearly, the children understand the new approach to marking and this enables them to make good progress”

“Behaviour was good across school”

“Children were very happy to talk to me about their school rules”

“There was a good level of excitement within classrooms and challenge was developing throughout”

“Outcomes were clear”

“There was an appropriate level of confidence shining through in classrooms”

“There is a good level of reciprocal and mutual respect between adults and children”

“Overall, the children are using the Rainbow Values and learning resources well to develop independence”


A very pleasing walk and visit from one of our highly committed governors, Mrs Pam Tulley.


Have a great weekend everyone and try to stay warm and dry.


Warm regards,


Michelle Bates

Head Teacher