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Head Teacher's Blog!

Week Ending 13th July 2018


This week, children have been with different teachers and therefore praised for their efforts in the teacher comments below:


Positive Praise Phone calls home went to:

This week, I made 3 phone calls home about positive behaviour, attitudes, actions, change and/or progress. I called the parents of:


Amber – Year 1

KJ – Year 5

Ravina – Year 5


This week, I would also like to commend Jessica in year 4 for the work she has done at home raising money for the MS society. She has baked cakes and is doing a cake sale this Saturday. She is reaching for the £200 mark and has already made her way into the papers this week. Take a look at her pictures and article below. Well done, Jessica, and good luck with the sale.


Attendance figures this week are as follows:


WILF will be visiting class 2 for 99.3% attendance.

Jessica will be visiting class 4 for 99.3% attendance.

3rd place for attendance goes to Class 14 for 98.4%


Children on the ‘Top Table; at lunchtime were:


Year 6s – Isobelle, Lucy, Cameron, William, Sam C, Matthew, Evie U-B and Halle


Week Ending 13th July 2018


What a great week in school; ‘Aspirations Week’. This week is a fabulous chance for children to consider the world of work and what they can aspire to be in the future. During this time, the children have learnt about looking for jobs, reading adverts, writing CVs and letters of application and understanding the role of an interview. During the afternoons, they have then been in different classes, with different teachers, undertaking different jobs and skills.


The array of activities has been amazing and the children have had a great time. Below are a variety of overviews, from different teachers, showing you what activities and skills that they have shared with their groups:


This week I organised for Boz Yarrington, a former marine biologist and current science teacher at Hall Park to come into school to do a science lecture for Years 3, 4, 5 and 6. The 45 minute lectures included interesting information about Boz's roles as a biologist and teacher. Boz brought with her two Year 7 'experts', Joel and Zoe, who helped to put on the informative lectures and ask and answer questions.


Boz and her helpers then demonstrated how to investigate if a heart is healthy with a live heart dissection, which could be seen on the big screen in the hall. Most of the children (and teachers) were fascinated and took time at the end of the lecture to have a closer look at the heart and ask further questions.

Mrs Clarke


My activity for the week has been learning how to be an illustrator. I had Y2 on Tuesday afternoon and we started the session by learning all about some different sketching techniques: hatching, cross hatching, contour hatching, random hatching, ink wash and stippling. The children had a go at using these techniques first, before applying them to a piece of artwork where they drew around their own hand and then used the cross hatching technique to add detail. There were some real budding artists in the session, particularly Ted (cl6) and Harry (cl6); the boys showed great attention to detail and carefully perfected their sketching technique over the afternoon.

Miss Thompson


I have chosen to do nursing as my activity this week! I chose it because my mum is a nurse and it is always something I found fascinating as a child myself! The children discussed what nurses do, what qualities they needed and then had a go at being a nurse themselves. They took patient details, felt temperatures, took pulses, wrote prescriptions and had a go at CPR on the Little Anne dummy. We also listened to a lovely song about making a difference every day when you are a nurse. Someone who really stood out to me was Seth for his enthusiasm to learn about nursing and to be a nurse himself!

Miss Schofield


I did cake decorating. I chose it because I really do love a cake and because we have some really creative children in school - just what a decorator needs to be 😉 Isabelle (Year 6) has some amazing icing talent - she decorated her cupcake to look like a green hedgehog. I think that she even surprised herself with her newfound talent.

Miss Manson


This week, we practised circus skills such as juggling, stilts and Diablos. This linked to our book for last terms topic - The man who walked between the two towers. The children had a fab time and Konna worked really hard to improve his plate spinning and Penny worked with me on team juggling-a real challenge. In addition, we also completed cake decorating. Mason and Keaton did a fab job decorating their cakes, making funny faces and putting ducks on them. They all mouldered the ready-made icing and shaped it to go on their cakes. Keira and Jack also did a fab whale on theirs and Ethan did a very detailed cat - a great time had by all.

Mrs Stevenson


My session was on being a life guard and we looked at the different types of rescue that people could perform; the safest being the shout and signal rescue and then moving on to the throwing rescue, reaching rescue and finally the rope throw rescue. We also looked at the different flags that we might see on the beach, which show the children where it is safe to swim. Tate Lloyd was a fantastic drowning casualty and Evie-Mae Hawes was great at throwing the rope accurately.

 Mrs Barrowcliffe


What a great range of activities J


I hope that the Smartie tubes are going well, and thank you already to the children who have returned their tubes back full, or partly full, of 20p pieces. The children are working hard with their ‘chores’. We look forward to collating the raised sponsors and putting that money towards funds raised through the Greasley Hub, along with money in the budget for ‘Project Playground’.


Today, your child will bring home their end of year report . We hope that you find the report useful and informative. Please add a comment to the slip enclosed within the envelope and we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on Monday for open afternoon (2.30pm – 5pm).


Have a great weekend.


Take care,

  Michelle Bates

Head Teacher