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Week Ending 8th June 2018


This week, the following children have received a Head Teacher’s Award:


Harlee – Year 1 – For going over and above board with his phonics practice in the half term holidays…twenty extra pages in fact!


I was also delighted this week to find out that Hope, in year 4, got 'Numero Uno on her birthday'. Hope rides for the RDA and is due to compete in regional finals soon. Before this though, she took part in an art competition. The photo below shows her receiving her rosette for double 1st place in the regional art and craft competition organised by riding for the disabled. We are all really proud of her and wish her well and good luck for her competition later this term. Well done, Hope!


Week Ending 8th June 2018


WOW, what a super week and so eventful to say it was the first 3 days back after the half term holiday.


On Monday and Tuesday, whilst the children were on INSET days, we had two very productive days in school. Monday was all based on behaviour, where we began to think about devising a new behaviour policy. At a time when we are thinking about our new vision for September, it was time to reflect on how we approach behaviour. The first concept we started to think about were school rules and we realised that We had lots; rules for the classrooms, corridors, hall, lunch, playtimes…etc. This was a perfect time to streamline the school rules and consider how we make these understandable, consistent and powerful for everyone.


We came up with 3 words…yes, just 3 words: Ready, Respect and Safe.


Ready – Ready for learning, lessons, school, homework, PE, reading, challenges…and more!


Respect – teachers, peers, adults, dinner ladies, each other, belongings, school property…everything!


Safe – Be safe in the playground, on trips, in the classroom, with equipment, walking to school, with each other…all the time!


We have further decisions to make over the next half term, but when we have them finalised, I look forward to sharing them with you.


Already, the majority of children know the new words and I am so proud of how they have understood the idea behind having just three words to concentrate on. We will be using these words a lot…why not try them at home?


On Tuesday, the teachers were beginning to write their annual reports about the children and beginning to make decisions about the attainment, progress, ‘school readiness’ and general comments for the children. I have read some already and the comments are fabulous, reflecting a great year in school. We can’t wait to share them with you.


On Wednesday, it was Mrs Jamson’s first day in school with the children as the new Deputy Head Teacher. She was very excited to meet them and already she is beginning to get a good feel for the place. She has refreshing ideas and a fresh pair of eyes. Mrs Jamson is not currently class based, but will be boosting in some year groups across school to get them prepared for the next stage of Greasley Beauvale. Next year, she will be job sharing but we have not finalised the teaching structure yet for September 2018.


The children have come back after the break so refreshed and ready to learn and it has had a brilliant feel in school. The children are positive, excited about their new topics and LOTS of exciting things are happening this half term; vocation week, transition time, trips, parent events, summer fair...and much more! We also have sports day tomorrow and I can’t wait.



I like to blog about the whole week, but I will leave Mr Leyshon to shine in this area as I know it’s going to be a fantastic day and we look forward to seeing you all tomorrow. I look forward to posting about the winners for sports day, the successes of the afternoon and how fabulous Mr Leyshon was.


Have a great weekend


Warm regards,

Michelle Bates