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Head Teacher's Blog!

Week Ending 25th May 2018


This week, the following children have received a Head Teacher’s Award:


Kieran – Year 4 – For writing an independent piece of creative narrative, using numerous similes and other figuratibe language techniques. Very emotive and impressive and even enjoyed reading it out to the class.


Oliver – Year 4 – for writing an emotive diary entry, using lots of figurative language. He also read it out expressively to the class.


Beatrice - Year 1 – For writing a great biography about Steve Backshall. It was full of researched information and great use of description and full stops and capital letters. BRILL! 


Joshua – Year 1 – For writing a superb biography about Steve Backshall. It was so well-presented with headings, captions, chunks of information, pictures and all punctuated properly with full stops and capital letters. AMAZING!


Jamie, Jacob and Raphie - Year 6 - For helping out the year 6 team with the planting for next terms plant sale event. However, what was most impressive, was their mopping, hoovering, sweeping and tidying skills afterwards. True troopers and very very helpful! :) 


This week, the following children have been selected to sit on the ‘Top Table’ at lunchtime:


Class 4 – Jagan

Class 4 - Jacob

Class 3 – Sienna

Class 3 - Imogen

Class 13 – Lyla

Class 13 - Freya

Class 9 – James

Class 9 - Adam


Attendance figures this week are as follows:


WILF will be visiting class 14 for 100% attendance.

Jessica will be visiting class 10 for 99.6% attendance.

3rd place for attendance goes to Class 13 for 99.3%


Week Ending 25th May 2018


Another fun-packed and busy week at Greasley. Children and staff have been working incredibly hard, and year 2 have now finished their SATs. Everyone has given ‘their all’ and I am so proud of all the children as we approach the end of the half term.


What has also put a smile on my face this week is the way in which the children have also excelled in other non-academic areas. I have heard about some of the boys in year 5, who go to cubs at Greasley, who took part in the district football tournament and won! They have played four games unbeaten...Not a single goal was scored past them! They have also taken the most number of goals scored in a match from seven to eleven! The boys are obviously really pleased with their achievements! The team included Jamie, James, Luke, Charlie, Alfie and Ben.


In the football world, I also witnessed great play and determination from the girl’s football team last night, which was hosted at Larkfields Junior School. The girls did not let one goal past them and won three of the matches to get them into the semi-final. Unfortunately, they drew 0-0 in this match and lost on penalties. The girls played so well in their first competitive game and they can’t wait to take part in their competition. I thank Mr Leyshon for organising the event and taking the girls along to play (as well as a number of parents).


In addition, we also competed in a tennis tournament this week and we did win that one and are through to the next round against a wider field. If we win that, then the team will play in Nottinghamshire finals! A very exciting time and I am very proud of everyone.


As the half term holiday approaches, I wrote out to parents last night to update them on recent staffing changes and the leadership structure for September 2018.


Over the last term, we have unfortunately received a resignation from a member of staff. Mrs McKellar-Savage has taken the decision to fly the Greasley nest and spread her wings further afield. Last summer, she married her husband in the south and has taken the decision to join her immediate family and relocate to Cornwall. Mrs McKellar-Savage joined the school, as a Newly Qualified Teacher, in 2010 and has been an outstanding member of the team ever since. During her time at school, she has successfully led on mathematics for a number of years, formed the Pupil and Parent Parliament and has been a treasured member of the Senior Leadership Team. In addition, she spent some valuable time as the Assistant Head Teacher. Over the years, she has taught many children (lots in year 6) and has provided them with an education that will stay with them for many years to come. We are deeply saddened to be losing such a regarded and well-respected member of Team GB. However, I think you will join me in wishing her the very best of luck in her new ventures as she moves to spend time with her family, and think about the next stage of her career and her own future with her husband.


As a result of the staffing change, we have spent the last term considering the new leadership team. As part of this, I would like you to join me in welcoming Mrs Lindsey Jamson, after the half term holiday, as she starts her time with us as the permanent Deputy Head Teacher. Mrs Jamson is an experienced teacher and is well-known within the local authority for leading on Teaching and Learning.


I would like to deeply thank Mrs Lisa Clarke for her time as the temporary Deputy Head Teacher and the way in which she has supported me this year in my first year as Head Teacher. I am also delighted that she will still be part of the Senior Management Team, as the Assistant Head Teacher, for September 2018 and will therefore continue to lead on many areas of the school.


In addition, I would also like to thank Mrs Pam Barrowcliffe for her time as the temporary Assistant Head Teacher. She has also supported the school, and myself, through a time of transition, but has now taken the time to return her attention to Early Years and lead in this area from September onwards, whilst remaining part of the Senior Leadership Team.


Congratulations to Miss Manson in the next stage of her career, for September, as the new Assistant Head Teacher for the team. Miss Manson joined the school two years ago and has been a great asset to the leadership team, whilst also leading on English since joining the school.


In short, the senior management structure of the school will be as follows for September:


Head Teacher – myself, Mrs Michelle Bates

Deputy Head Teacher – Mrs Lindsey Jamson

Assistant Head Teacher – Mrs Lisa Clarke

Assistant Head Teacher – Miss Taryn Manson


Discussions are now taking place for teachers, for each year group, for September 2018 and I will write to you as soon as staffing is confirmed. Now is the time when we also consider whether classes will be split and mixed up for the new academic year. Many factors are considered when making these decisions and such changes are never taken lightly. Once again, I will confirm this as soon as the outcomes have been finalised.


We have all had a great year leading the school in a different direction and as of September 2018, we have exciting plans and a permanent leadership structure in place. An exciting time for the school and I also look forward to sharing the new school vision with you before we break up for the summer in July.



As this is the last blog before the holidays, I wish you a relaxing and fun break! Enjoy your time together and take care. Please remember that we have two INSET days after the holidays and we retun to school on Wednesday 6th June 2018.


Warm regards,


Michelle Bates

Head Teacher