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Week Ending 27thApril 2018


This week, the following children have been selected to sit on the ‘Top Table’ at lunchtime:


Jonah – EYFS

Alfie – EYFS

Chloe – year 4

Monica – year 4

Morgan – year 5

Phoebe – year 5

James – year 6

Caitlin – year 6


Attendance figures this week are as follows:


WILF will be visiting class 8 for 100% attendance.

Jessica will be visiting class 10 for 99.6% attendance.

3rdplace for attendance goes to Class 1 for 99%


Week Ending 27thApril 2018


Another super week at Greasley. Once again, the children are working very hard and the children are inspired by their new summer term topics. The children are engaged with their learning based on the following summer term topics:



Year 1:Deadly 60

Year 2:The World of Roald Dahl

Year 3:Buildings

Year 4:Into the wild

Year 5:World War 2

Year 6:Problematic Plastic


The week started with Year 3 visiting Brackenhurst to experience a day as tribal hunter-gatherers. They went back in time to 2000BC for a stimulating and hands-on outdoors experience. They learnt what life was like in prehistoric Britain as a tribe moving into a new settlement. They learnt what it was like to build shelters, use tools, make animal pens to keep their animals safe at night, practise cave painting skills, how to warn off the spirits and develop orienteering skills. They all had a super day and loved their experiences. We were proud of their behaviour and attitudes and this has enhanced their understanding of the Stone-Age.


Currently, I am so proud of the year 2 and 6 teams, who are all working so hard towards their SATs. The children are all very ‘on it’ and keep persevering and pushing themselves. It’s great to see and I know they will all try their very best and reach their potential.


Well, we are back to cold and wintery weather, but have a super weekend and see you all again next week.


Warm regards,

Michelle Bates

Head Teacher