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Head Teacher's Blog!

Week Ending 16th March 2018


This week, the following children have received a Head Teacher’s Award:


Sonny – Year 1 – for some excellent work on his 5x tables


Attendance figures this week are as follows:


WILF will be visiting class 14 for 100% attendance.

Jessica will be visiting class 12 for 99.6% attendance.

3rd place for attendance goes to Class 5 for 97.7%


The ‘Top Table’ VIP lunch awards goes to:


Class 7 – Anya 

Class 7 – Ella 

Class 7 – Essie 

Class 8 – Ollie Hallam

Class 8 – Lewis 

Class 9 – Morgan 

Class 11 – Poppy 

Class 12 – Liam 


Week Ending 16th March 2018

What a fabulously exciting and engaging week with Team GB at Greasley Beauvale. This week has been science week and what an investigative and explorative week it has been. I would like to thank all of the teachers for planning such exciting opportunities for the children and for the children being so engaged and enthusiastic. The children that Mrs Clarke and I spoke to were engaged by the topics, and texts that they you have chosen for them, and the excitement lasted all week...not to mention the annual arrival of the chicks. 🐣


As part of science week, Years 3 and 4 were lucky enough to spend time with four Year 7 STEM leaders from Hall Park on Wednesday this week. The pupils from Hall Park ran a workshop showing groups of children how to produce their very own paper rockets, which were later fired using a pressurised air canon. The children then had the opportunity to improve their original rocket by considering its shape, weighting, fin and cone designs before testing again in a competition against their classmates.


The rest of the school didn't miss out as they were treated to a demonstration and explanation of the STEM leaders current rocket car project - pretty impressive! We are looking forward to seeing videos they send of them testing their finished cars in the near future.


Across the school, all of the children were engaged in scientific activity and I feel that the children had a fun week, whilst also learning scientific facts, taking part in experiments and scientifically researching with good quality texts and materials. Thursday afternoon was also brilliant as we were able to invite parents in to share the scientific learning with the children. The following year groups, along with the parents, focussed on the following topics:


EYFS – Chicks

Year 1 – Scientific enquiry with Paddington Bear

Year 2 – Archimedes

Year 3 – Rocks and Soils

Year 4 – The Human Body

Year 5 – Forces

Year 6 – Light


It was great to see so many parents engaged in their child's scientific learning and it was also lovely to receive an email from a parent to share their pleasure of being in their daughters classroom for the afternoon:


Dear Mrs Bates,

I wanted to email to say thank you for a lovely afternoon in [my daughter's] class with her, her classmates and Mr Leyshon.  It was really nice to have the opportunity to be there and see the children working! [My daughter] and I had a great time and the other children in her class were so polite and helpful and clearly happy in school. Mr Leyshon has a great relationship with all of his children and it was lovely to be able to see that as a parent.

Thank you so much again,
[Year 4 parent]


Following the week, I look forward to Monday morning, where there will be science exhibition in the hall for the whole school to view. All the work completed from the week, will be on show and I can’t wait to view what the children and teachers have achieved. I would also like to thank the TAs, who have also supported the classes and are currently beavering away displaying the science work around the school and through the corridors.


A fantastic week and great opportunities for everyone to scientifically excel.


Have a great weekend and see you all soon.


Warm regards,


Michelle Bates

Head Teacher