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Head Teacher's Blog!

Week Ending 15th February 2018


This week, the following children have received a Head Teacher’s Award:


Abigail – EYFS – for amazing writing using phonics skills and tricky words. She was also able to use full stops accurately.

Verity – Year 3 – for using conjunctions to create subordinating clauses. She was also able to edit and improve her work.


Attendance figures this week are as follows:


Classes 8, 10 and 12 all received 100% attendance – GREAT!


Week Ending 15th February 2018


Wow…A really really super week! Super busy, but super special! The children have come to the end of their topics for this half term and what a celebratory week it has been…with lots of parental engagement and involvement.


Year 1 invited their parents into school this week, to take part in a space spectacular quiz. There were questions, challenges and I even had to judge a rocket making competition. The parents were all very engaged and extremely competitive. The team that won the overall competition all cheered and I thought they were going to shoot off to space with excitement themselves.


Linked to space, year 5 also shared their studies with the parents today. The hall was full of PowerPoint slides sharing their knowledge of space; I read fact files about the different planets; read non-fictions texts about space written by the children; was in awe of the chalk artwork and really enjoyed observing their paper mache planets, which hung through the hall. Another great parental event experience.


This week, Year 4 did a parental event with a difference. They decided to walk to Colliers walk for their science studies and took as many parents and grandparents with them as they could. Almost 30 parents walked with Mr Leyshon, Mr Fisher and the whole year, and they experienced first-hand how exciting the curriculum can be outdoors. It was cold, wet, chilly…but the children loved it and I heard many positive things about their experiences.


To top the week off, I also went to Kimberley Leisure Centre today to support our swimming gala team. All the competitors did really well and tried their very very best. The team supported their peers and other schools and represented themselves and the school well. They displayed great sportsmanship and were happy with their 5th place finish. Well done to all, who took part. 


A truly amazing half term at Team GB! A reminder that it is INSET day tomorrow. Have a great half term and enjoy the rest, everyone!


Warm regards,

Mrs Bates

Head Teacher