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Head Teacher's Blog

What an absolutely super week and an excellent (and enthusiastic) start to 2023...


A great first week back, where classes have been calm, respectful and hard-working. Walking round has been a pleasure and I have learnt a few new facts (whilst also having a great haircut at the salon in Reception):


- Polar bears actually have black skin and they only appear to have white fur due to the reflection from the snow and ice;


- 80-90% of the southern hemisphere is water;


- The snow and ice on the North Pole is only 3 metres deep;


- A spaceship is believed to have landed on the school playground this week, which Year 1 children are currently investigating and communicating with me about 


... and it goes on! 


This week, we have also had children return to Greasley after a few years living abroad (so lovely to see them!) and we have also had several tours for new starters! It's been lovely showing people around and we have been very proud to talk about our school and what it has to holistically offer! 


Have a great weekend everyone, 


Mrs Bates